Hello my name is France Paris Jones. I am 16 and I live with my abusive father since my mom died from Cancer. What happens when I escape my father? Read to find out!!!


6. 5

Why would Liam be out here? “Why are both of you out here in the middle of the night, and why didn’t you tell us you were leaving?” he screamed at us. “Liam chill the fuck down!” I yelled back. “I’m about to snap his neck” I sent Niall in his mind “Don’t do it sis.” he sent back. “Watch your language young lady. I can still ground you.” “No you fucking can’t. Your only 15 days older than me and you’re not my real brother. I don’t consider you my adoptive brother either.” I screamed at him. I ran off at the speed a human would run. I heard footsteps behind me. I want to look back to see who it was, but i don’t want to fall. I stopped running, fell to my knees, and started bawling my eyes out. Two arms were wrapped around me. I looked up to meet two Icey Blue Eyes. Niall. “Niall, Liam is such a dickhead to me. Ever since I get here earlier he has been mean to me.” I cried out. “I know France. I will be having a talk with him tomorrow. We need to get you home so you can change Daisy.” Niall said. Even though I just found out about him a few hours ago he has been an awesome twin brother. “Do you know Daisy’s full name?” I asked him “No I don’t. What is it?” “It’s Daisy Theo Jones.” I told him. “Really! Wow. Did you pick that out?” he asked. “No The adoption house that I was at the owner gave her the first and middle name when she got there the day after she was born. When I got there she knew I would be the perfect person for Daisy. She added my last name when I said yes. I’m only 16 though. Daisy was just born July 13th of this month.” I said out of breath. “Let’s go home so I can feed. I don’t think I can wait any longer, Niall.” We started walking back to the house. When we got there, and got inside everybody engulfed us in a big hug. “Where the hell were you guys?” Zayn, Harry, and Louis asked us. “We went out for a walk to talk about things.” I said. “Well just get up to your room. You can’t come out unless I tell you to, or it’s time to eat.” Liam said. “Why the fuck should I listen to you? I already told you you’re not my blood brother, and just because Niall considers you his brother doesn’t mean I do. I only consider Zayn and Harry my brothers. I don’t consider Louis my brother because I fucking love him!” Right as I said that everybody’s mouths dropped to the ground. I blushed and ran to the huge ass garden in the back yard. I wonder if Zayn will sign the papers saying I can get a tattoo. I want to get Daisy’s full name with a heart after it around my wrist. Everybody then came out besides Liam. Of Course. “You love Louis?” Niall said through gritted teeth. “Yes, and I have since you guys were on the X- Factor. I went to your guys’ concert that was in Kansas City, Missouri. My foster mom was alive then. She gave me everything I wanted. She also didn’t make me go to school. When she died everything changed.” “I will talk to all of you about it later. Zayn can I talk to you alone really quick?” I asked him. “Don’t you dare listen to what I’m going to talk to Zayn about. If you do you will pay the price, and I come up with good revenge.” I told Niall in his mind. “Okay, Okay! I won’t.” Niall said in defense. Everyone but me and Zayn went inside. “Do you think you can sign the papers so I can get a tattoo?” I asked him. “Depends on what you want to get.” “I want to get ‘Daisy Theo Horan’ with a heart after it around my wrist. I am going to get mine and her last name changed to ‘Horan’ instead of keeping ‘Jones’. I don’t want to be reminded of my past.” I said to him. “In that case then yes. I will sign for you.” Yay!

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