Hello my name is France Paris Jones. I am 16 and I live with my abusive father since my mom died from Cancer. What happens when I escape my father? Read to find out!!!


5. 4

I ran into town to look for food. Yeah, Yeah. Why don't I just eat at the house? Well I'm not normal. I'm a vampire. I don't know if Niall is one too, but I was born a vampire. I saw somebody in an alleyway. When I got over there it was Niall. "Niall! What are you doing out here??" I yelled. "I could ask you the same thing France" " I'm a fucking vampire. Niall, only you and my adoptive mom know what I am" I told him in his mind. " Same here. The boys don't even know about me." He told me in my mind. "Have you fed yet?" I asked him out loud. "Yes. Have you?" "No. I'm starving." he nodded. "One more thing our whole family are vampires. Dad, Greg, Greg's Wife, and their son are coming down with mom tomorrow. Greg had to turn Denise when they found out she was pregnant other wise both Theo and Denise would of died." he said. "Okay. What about Daisy? She's human. I mean I can barley control myself when I'm near her. I know they won't be able to control themselves" I told him. "I guess one of us will have to change her tonight." "I will because I haven't ate and she is my daughter." I told Niall. "France! Niall!" we heard somebody yell. I turn around to see Liam running towards us. "How long are we going to keep it from them?" I asked Niall in his head "For as long as we can." he sent back. 



They are vampires, and the boys don't know. France is going to change Daisy. What do you think??

XOXO Tomhi! <3 

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