Hello my name is France Paris Jones. I am 16 and I live with my abusive father since my mom died from Cancer. What happens when I escape my father? Read to find out!!!


3. 3

I woke up to the car turning off. I guess we were here. I opened my eyes, and when I looked at the house I'd be living in and my eyes went huge. The house was really huge!! I don't know if Zayn is my brother or dad. "Zayn?" I said. "Yeah?" "Are you my brother or me dad?" I asked "I am your brother and the boys are what ever you wanna call them" he told me. "So Louis can be my boyfriend?" "If he wants to" he said. I about ran inside, but then I remembered Daisy in the back seat. I got her out of the infant car seat while Zayn grabbed mine and Daisy's stuff. Zayn walked inside with me behind him. When I got inside I was engulfed in hugs. Daisy started to fuss so everybody let go. "Who is this cutie?" Louis asked. "This is Daisy" "I was talking about you, but hi Daisy." I looked at the floor, and blushed. I felt two fingers be placed on my chin, and lift my head up. It was Louis. He leaned in so did I. We kissed!! Just for a few seconds before we heard somebody yell "Tommo keep your filthy hands off of my twin sister!!" Wait! Twin sister?! I turned around to see a very angry looking Niall. "Niall, cool I'm not your twin. I'm nobodies twin." I told him. "France Paris Jones, born September 13, 1996 at 7:19 AM, was put up for adoption the next day. Our mom told me about you. Your original last name is Horan. I have been looking for you since I can remember. When me and the boys moved out here I looked everywhere for you. I couldn't find you for years. When I finally found you I was so glad." I was so shocked I couldn't speak or move. "I wanna talk to Maura" I told him. "She will be here tomorrow. When I told her I found you she wanted to see you" he said to me. "Well until then let's get to know you better and we will tell you all about ourselves" Liam said to me. "Okay. I will feed Daisy while we do that." While I made the bottle, Louis held Daisy, and Niall got the snacks and food. We walked into the living room together. I took Daisy from Louis, put her head in the crease of my arm, and gave her the bottle. "Tell us about yourself" Harry said. I told then all about me. When I said Louis is my favorite I blushed. They told me everything about themselves. Daisy fell asleep after I burped her. Niall showed me up to mine and Daisy's room. I put her down and got tennis shoes on. I left out the window. How long can I keep my secret from the boys??

A/N: I know Niall wasn't born in 1996, but just go with it. So that means Louis would be born in 1994, Liam and Zayn the same as Niall, and Harry 1997. What do you think France's secret is?? Comment, Fan, Favorite, Like. I don't care which one you do.

XOXO Tomhi!

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