Hello my name is France Paris Jones. I am 16 and I live with my abusive father since my mom died from Cancer. What happens when I escape my father? Read to find out!!!


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Hello my name is France Paris Jones. I am 16 years old, and I live with my abusive father. He only became abusive because my mother died a few months ago from Cancer. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'5", weigh 119, am a virgin, I love the band One Direction, and I have no education or been out side for anything. "FRANCE GET YOUR SLUTTY ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" My dad's voice boomed through the house. "Okay" I yelled back, and ran down stairs to where my fathers voice came from. He grabbed my hair, and pulled me to his room while I winced in pain. He threw me on the bed. "Take your clothes off you bitch." I did as I was told so he wouldn't hit me. I'm pretty sure you know where that lead to. I was screaming so loud because my dad was fucking raping me. I soon heard my dad's bedroom door open. Wait. He's not my dad any more. There stood about 7 cops all pointing their guns at Noah's head. "Get off the girl and step away from the bed" they yelled at him. Noah didn't listen and kept raping me. The cops shot Noah in the head. I put clothes on and packed my stuff. It wasn't much just a couple outfits. The cops took me to a adoption place called 'Perries' Adoption House'. The cops told the owner everything about why I ended up here. She came over to me. "Hi there France. My name is Perrie Edwards. Why don't you follow me you to your room?" She seemed really nice so I followed her.

A/N: Perrie is not famous and has no connection to the boys. The boys are all single. What do you think about this so far??

XOXO Tomhi!!

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