dad killer

jays dad finds out she has a bf so he tries o find him to so he can kill him


3. we can date now niall / niall is dead

Hey niall we can date now I am sixteen. Oh ok so um do you want to o out. yes when? how about tonight . sure I would love to .


                                           later that night when he was driving to her house.

#ring #ring hello. hey hope turn your TV on channel six. ok bye thanks.

oh on gosh is that nialls car no it cant be I will call him.

GUY ON THE TV : it seems that this is a sixteen year old boy and he looks like this{ picture}

NO I start to cry as I see then take him to the hospital. I run to my car and drive to the hospital and ask to see niall horan. the nurse said he is in the emergency care you will have to wait please take a seat and wait. So I did and I was just crying and crying. tell he nurse said that niall was dead and then I just broke down I fell apart in to a million pieces.


And when ever any one says his name I just die inside and say please stop taking about him.

                                                              THE END

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