Mr. Bieber

He was stupid. He was cruel. He was a fucking jerk. Blackmailing me. It was one mistake! One stupid party!
But he's so sexy, so seductive, sooooo alluring... I just wanted to...No Sam Snap out of it. He's your teacher!

What would you do if Mr. Bieber seduced you?


7. You're disgusting. You'll regret this.

<Sam's POV>

Class had finally ended. I practically threw myself out of my desk and half charged up to the bastards desk. 

"Hey Sammy what's up?" He greeted as everyone left and the door shut.
"I was just wondering about this test score..?" I tried to ask as calm as possible.
"Ahh...its cause I warned you... Call me Justin." He said as he got up out his desk laughing to himself. He walked into the back room.
"Ahh?!" I fuckin knew it! 
I stalked behind him following him into the background.
"You gave me a fucking F for not calling you justin?! " I screeched.
"Ah.. Ah.. Ah... Now no need for such foul language... Would want to get yourself in trouble  now would we..." He cooed.
"The only one who's going to get In trouble is you! I'm turning you in to the principle! This out right bullshit Mr. Bieber!" Before I could reach the door a force grabbed my arm and pushed me up against the wall.
"It's Justin Babydoll and before you do that I would like to share a little something with you... See here Sam... You are downright gorgeous... And sexy as fuck... Mmm" he slip his lips up against my neck. "You even smell sexy... And your body is just to die for.. Makes me so hard.." He leaned his hips into mine slowly grinding as he brought his lips closer to mine. I spit in his face. 
"FUCK. OFF." I announced clearly as I shook him off. He threw his body back against me roughly and grabbed my chin between his two fingers.
"Now now... If you're not going to kiss me you should make your mouth more useful baby girl" he cooed and winked at me.
"You're disgusting. You'll regret this." I threatened.
 "I'm disgusting? I'm going to regret this? I don't think so... Let me show you a little something..." He pulled a picture out his pocket and my blood instantly turned to ice in my veins.
"Whe-re.. H-how did you get that..." I stuttered. 
He smiled playfully. 


**(Mr.Bieber AKA Justin Bieber/Jason McCann Memory; I locked the door of my room and went straight to my computer. I had to do something this girl was turning me on so bad! I had to make her mine! My body! I wanted that body.. 
I bit my lip and used my hacking skills to hack into some sites stalking her name. Her mom had died and she lives with her brother. She was a straight A honor student her whole life. Her record was clean... Except for... I smiled at myself and slowly dropped my pants down rubbing my bieber conda. This was it. The answer to all my problems. All innocents have a dirty little secret. 
"Mmm Sammy has been a dirty little girl" I moaned softly as I stroked my Jerry slowly to the picture of Sam sucking a guys dick while spreading her legs. All I could imagine was her plump lips around my hard cock and my fingers up that perfect tight pink pussy... )***


"Mutual friends baby and I really don't think you can judge anyone and call anyone disgusting after having a photo like this." 
I turned my face away from him before he forced me back to look.
"Isn't this you? With you're tongue all over another guys dick? And your legs spread wide to see up that beautiful pink pussy?" 
"Fuck off. You don't know shit!" I spat half crying.
"Oh I don't?" He questioned. "You're an A+ student. You're mother died not too long ago. You live with your brother Chris. You want to go to NYU like you're mother. You want nothing more then to make her proud. I wonder how this picture is going to look when it gets sent to NYU. After that they will never accept you. They also won't accept your F. Your brother would be ashamed. As would your mom and her memory." I started sobbing. "Nobody will accept you once they see you're a good for nothing dirty slut. You put everyone to shame" he whispered in my ear.
"Please... Don't.." I cried.
"Believe me I'm going to.. Unless you listen closely... You do EVERYTHING I tell you and nobody will know about this. " he clarified. 
"Wha-t do you want me to d-do.." I managed to speak through the tears.
"Tell nobody" he whiped my tears away with his thumbs as he placed his hands on my face cupping my cheeks. "Tell nobody and obey everything I say Babydoll."
He placed his lips to mine and rubbed his hips into mine. He slipped his hand to my ass and squeezed making me moan giving him access to inside my mouth. He pushed his tongue against mine.
"Fucking kiss me bitch" he ordered.
I started to sob again while kissing him back. I had never felt so disgusting in my life. 
"Good girl" he cooed as he pushed me out the room straight to the floor.
"Now leave! And tell nobody!" He yelled.
I got up and walked home slowly trying to get out all my tears before seeing Chris.
This was my Karma... 

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