Mr. Bieber

He was stupid. He was cruel. He was a fucking jerk. Blackmailing me. It was one mistake! One stupid party!
But he's so sexy, so seductive, sooooo alluring... I just wanted to...No Sam Snap out of it. He's your teacher!

What would you do if Mr. Bieber seduced you?


2. You Should Take A Seat.

 "Hey Booface!" Yelled Sadie from across the hall. I hadn't seen her all summer since she hooked up with the direction brothers. Turns out her auntie knew the band One Direction, Sadie went to two concerts and BAM they just all hit it off. She officially had 5 boyfriends at once. I wouldn't blame them. She had long beautiful hair, cute smile and was fit. "Waddup hoe" I winked at her playfully and went to my locker slowly putting in the combination. "You a stupid hoe you a you a stupid hoe" Sadie sang. "Omg shut the hell up" I laughed and she laughed along. "Party killer. What's you're schedule babe" She pulled out her schedule and we compared classes. 1st Hour; Free Period 2nd Hour; Science 3rd Hour; Math 4th Hour; Gym 5th Hour; History 6th Hour; Lunch 7th & 8th Hour; English. We had every hour together besides history and free period. This was fucking amazing, had my main bitch in almost every class. "Dude this is gonna be a fucking amazing year! We have so many classes together!" She squealed. "Dude I know" I laughed and grabbed my books. "I heard there's a new English teacher this year, supposed to be really old." Just as I was about to question who I got eye locked with a set of hazel eyes again, I couldn't help it my mouth dropped. "Sam... Sam? SAM" I was snapped out of my trance. "Huh?.. Oh yeah I heard that too" I couldn't take my eyes away. Sadie turned around to follow my glare and her mouth dropped open as well. "Damn..." She whispered. I had to agree, the new guy was gorgeous. He winked at us. *Bell Rings* "Uhm.....I'll see you 2nd hour, save me a seat!" Sadie screamed as she vanished into the see of high schoolers. I nodded and walked to my first class and sat in my assigned desk. The morning was a breeze, I saw alot of classmates from last year. It was a basic first day of school. We went over supplies, names, grading policies, all the boring stuff. Sadie and I basically talked about the new guy with the brown eyes. He was so fucking hot I couldn't control myself. "Dude two periods of English? This is gonna be hell" I whined. "I know. The stories make me fall asleep" she whined back. Sadie and I both walked into English and sat in the back corner next to each other just as the bell rang for class to begin. "Hey someone should let the new guy know that class started and he should sit down before the teacher gets here, it'd be a shame seeing him get detention first day" Sadie whispered. I nodded at her then looked at the newbie. "Hey!" I was locked on those gorgeous brown eyes as he looked at me. "Hmm?" Oh my god his voice. "You should take a seat" I smiled friend-fully "the teacher should be in any moment, wouldn't want you getting in trouble." He smirked at me and amusement lit up his face. He turned to the bored and wrote in big letters 'Mr. Bieber' and turned around. "Hello Class, I'm Mr. Bieber and I'm-" he looked straight at me "your new English teacher." I looked over at Sadie and she giggled as my face turned bright red. English teacher?! What! But he's so hot! Uhs shut up Sam no that's wrong, he's a teacher. I sunk down in my desk and tried to avoid all I contact with Mr. Bieber. "Hey!" I locked eyes with the green eyed girl, I had seen her all morning and she was just sexy ass hell let me tell you. Her legs, mmm let me tell you... "Hmm?" "You should take a seat, the teacher should be in any moment. Wouldn't want you getting in trouble" mmm trouble. The way that word rolled off her perfectly plump lips. I'd love to get in some trouble with her. I smirked and turned around writing my name on the board. Then looking back at her. She turned to her friend looking red as fuck. She was the sexiest in the class and sexiest I had seen all morning. Young and curvy mmm. I know what you might be wondering," eww that's gross!" No sweetie it's the only reason I became a teacher. For these young ones. I looked at my attendance and started calling out names. "Tracy?" "Here" Go away your eyes are too close together. "Zayne?" "Here!" Faggot. "Austin?" "He's not here." Did I fucking ask you? No shut the fuck up. "Sadie?" "Here" "Emily?" "Here Mr. Bieber. And thank you for becoming a teacher. It really-" I drowned her out, I could already tell she was going to be the annoying ass bitch. "And Sam" "Here..." I looked up and saw it was the girl who had told me to sit. No hunny you sit. "I'll be sure to sit next to you next time sweetheart." I smiled at her releasing my eyes on her. *Bell Rings For Dissmissal* "Hey Sam" she turned around and looked at me. I waved signaling her to come. She approached my desk and I waited for everyone to leave before speaking. "Am I in trouble..?" Yes. Big fucking trouble. "No no no" I half smiled. "I just have this thing where I pick a student to help me out, I'm new to teaching so I need help. I saw your English grades from last year and I figured you would be the one. Just to help grade papers, pick out books, that kind of stuff" I tried not to drop my eyes to her breasts. "Uhm... Yeah sure.. I'd love to Mr. Bieber" the way she said my name made my leg twitch a little. "Okay great. Meet back here in 1hr" She nodded and walked out, I bit on my pen cap watching her leave.

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