Mr. Bieber

He was stupid. He was cruel. He was a fucking jerk. Blackmailing me. It was one mistake! One stupid party!
But he's so sexy, so seductive, sooooo alluring... I just wanted to...No Sam Snap out of it. He's your teacher!

What would you do if Mr. Bieber seduced you?


8. I got hungry.

<Sam's POV>
I crawled into bed and sobbed for hours. I couldn't believe this was happening. All because of one party, first and last time I got drunk everyone I loved was going to be out to shame... But if I go through with Mr.Bieber then I disrespect myself... 

I wish my mom was here. She'd know what to do. She always would. But what if she was here? I still couldn't tell her.

My life was falling to shit and it was all Mr. Bieber's fault... 

I cried my way to a deep sleep.

<Mr. Bieber AKA Justin Bieber/Jason McCann>

I drove home slowly that night. Smirking all the way. I was happy. I had a shit ton of money and a whole gang, a sexy picture and a rocking body to control.
I replayed the image of Sam kissin me back then pushing her to the floor.... Wait.. Ew what was that?
I rubbed my stomache. It felt weird. One minute it was fine next it felt uneasy..
"I must be hungry as fuck" I murmured to myself while pulling into McDonald's drive way.
"Hey welcome to McDonald's What Can I Get You?" A women asked.
"Uhm... Two 20 piece chicken nuggets and a sweat tea."
"Ok sir that be 17.50 please drive to the next window."
I drove to the next window and took out my wallet pulling out a 20$
A cute faced girl with big black eye lashes and long black hair came to the window and gave me my food.
"Here you do sir. 2 20 piece chicken nuggets and a sweet tee" she smiled.
"Here" I handed her the 20$
"Your change will be 2.50" as she tried to hand me back my change I grabbed her hand and leaned up pulling her into a kiss. I felt her lips smile against mine as I bit her lip kissing her faster.
"Let's go somewhere more private... " I whispered in her ear as I pulled away. 
I drove off into a parking space and parked the car. I got out and walked into McDonald's winking at her still standing in the drive through window.
Her eyes followed me as soon as I walked through the doors. I waved my hand motioning her to follow me into the men's bathroom.
I walked in the bigger stall with the sink and leaned against the door waiting. She walked In finally.
"Lock the door behind you sweetheart" I smirked. She nodded and did as I told.
I pulled her into me hard kissing her baby face then moved my hands down to her ass grabbing hard and pulling her up onto my body. I wrapped her legs around me and pushed her up against the wall while unbuttoning her shirt. One by one the buttons broke and her breasts popped out at me. I sucked each nipple till they hardened then cupped them shoving my face into them moater  boating as she groaned. She contined to moan and groan as I placed her onto the sink. I ran my hand up the side of her thighs. Stairing her deep in her blue eyes I ripped her work pants down. I made my hand to her inner thigh and rubbed her pussy before pulling down my own pants and shoving my dick into her. She squeezed her walls around my dick and moaned loud. I covered her mouth and kept pumping myself in and out slowly then faster and faster till she was speechless and my balls clapping against her was the only sound in the room. After about a half our of satisfying mysf and destroying her pussy I came into her. And let her down.
"Fuck... That was the best sex I ever had... Please tell me your name and give me your number.." She bit on her lip.
"My name sweetheart?" I swung her around making her back go into my chest holding her from behind and caressing her neck.
"Yes please uhh" she moaned.
"My name is..." I slowly grabbed my blade from my back pocket and flipped it open then covered her mouth with my hand while shoving the blade into the side of her stomache. "... Is Jason McCann sweetheart"
I smiled at myself and kissed her cheek before letting her dead body drop. 
I walked out of the bathroom and made my way out the front doors.
What I couldn't let her live? I came in her. I didn't want any fucking kids.
As soon as I left the front doors of McDonald's  I made my way to the back of the building to wear all the cameras were set up.  I cut all the wires and grabbed the DVD's from the last hour and a half surrounding the whole perimeter and broke them. I threw them in a trashcan and took a small bomb out my pocket and threw it in setting the can to flames.
I hopped in my car an headed home.


"JUSTIN!" Ryan asked as soon as I walked in the door. "Where you been man?!"
I smiled and flipped on the news where they were showing the McDonald's.
"Tonight was a horrible tragedy. A girl found dead in the men's bathroom. Whit messes say she must have been having sexual intercourse because when they went to go use the bathroom the girl was being pleasured. The young girl was only in her second year of high school and still had her whole life ahead of her. Our prayers go out to the girls family and friends. When police went to check who had done this there was nothing. The wires were cut and the DVDS were taken out and found in a near by garbage can, burned and unreadable. There was also no witnesses to see who this killer was. If we find out more well update you. This has been Holly Breeze signing out"
I looked at the TV then at Ryan and took a bite out of my chicken nugget.
"I got hungry" I grinned.

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