Mr. Bieber

He was stupid. He was cruel. He was a fucking jerk. Blackmailing me. It was one mistake! One stupid party!
But he's so sexy, so seductive, sooooo alluring... I just wanted to...No Sam Snap out of it. He's your teacher!

What would you do if Mr. Bieber seduced you?


1. Damn.

*Alarm Clock Goes Off* I groaned and mentally cursed myself as I slammed my alarm clock off. It was too early for this shit. School was a joke. Why the fuck did I need it? Oh yeah *mimics mom* "cause you need to get into college and get a good job and support a family in order to be happy in life" bla bla fuckin bla! How am I supposed to be happy waking up at 6 in the morning. *Alarm Goes Off Again* "Okay!" I half screamed as I rolled out of bed. I actually enjoy being a Stratford High student, this year I would be graduating and although I'm going to be quite sad to be leaving, I'm not going to miss getting up. As you can tell I'm not a morning person at all. I made my way to the bathroom In a sluggish way, turning on the water waiting for it to get nice and hot as I undressed myself and got in. As the hot water touched my skin I got goosebumps and shivered abit. I love hot showers. "I'm wide awake! I'm wide awake! I was asleep! Now I'm awake!" I sang along to wide awake by Katty Perry as I washed myself down with my favorite scented soap; vanilla. Yes I sing in my shower, yes I know I those aren't the words. Fuck off this is my shower. I got out wrapping a towel around my body and made my way to the mirror. Of course it was fogged up still from my shower so I wiped it down and starred at myself. "It's going to be okay Sam.. It's just first day jitters.." I wasn't new to the school but I always got a little insecure when it came to the first day. I slid the comb to my long blonde hair slowly detangling it. Then used my blow dryer to dry it, I hated going to school with wet hair. I took a moment and looked at my options, straight or Curley? "Curley." I grabbed the curling iron and made loose small curls. I grabbed my eye liner and made my way around my bright green eyes making this black line. After that I applied mascara, making sure to get every lash. Then applied some lipgloss and was done. I walked out the bathroom and made my way down the stairs to the kitchen. Only to see my brother Chris laughing his ass off. "What?" I squinted my eyes at him. "Oh nothing, I just didn't know it was rag day at school today" he laughed as he took a huge bite into his apple. "Wha-" I looked down and realized I hadn't gotten dressed yet. "Ah shit" I ran back upstairs and slid on tight black leggings and a crop top batman shirt. Then I slid on my black vans and grabbed my galaxy book bag and IPhone off the desk, which also had a batman case on it. I ran back down the stairs and got in the car with Chris. It wasn't a long ride so we stayed silent. He knew I wasn't a morning person at all. Me and my brother Chris live alone in Stratford. He's 24. After our mother had died he left his life in New York and came back here to take care of me. He was easy going, we'd always been close. It's a breeze living with him he lets me do whatever I want as long as he knows where I am, he's so caring, either that or he just wants me out of the house so he can bang his girlfriend all the time. I laughed out loud at the thought and he gave me a weird look from the corner of his eye. We finally arrived and I got out grabbing all my stuff. "Have a nice first rag day Sammy!" He laughed. "Shut up." I rolled my eyes and left laughing abit as I walked. It was kind of funny. As I was walking in I caught a pair of hazel brown eyes standing next to a range rover... DAMN.
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