Mr. Bieber

He was stupid. He was cruel. He was a fucking jerk. Blackmailing me. It was one mistake! One stupid party!
But he's so sexy, so seductive, sooooo alluring... I just wanted to...No Sam Snap out of it. He's your teacher!

What would you do if Mr. Bieber seduced you?


3. Call Me Justin.

Chapter Three: 

"What was that about?" Sadie asked me as I walked her to the buses. 
"Oh nothing, he just wanted me to help out with some things since my English grades were so high. Being new and all he wants some help." I smiled as we stopped in front of her bus.
"You should tell him that there are student aids for that" I was catching a bit of jealousy as she turned And walked onto the bus.
"Kay..." I muttered to myself. What was her problem anyways? I love helping. It's not like I'm just helping cause he's attractive and him being attractive doesn't even matter because that's just not right. He's like 6-10 years older then me and that's wrong. I bit my lip and walked over my locker sliding down and pulling out my headphones. I still had a good half hour till I needed to get back to Mr. Bieber.
I put my headphones in and put my music loud and on shuffle laying my head back against the lockers. 

*45 minutes later*

"Sam? Sam!" I jumped and pulled my headphones out my ears and looked up bumping my forehead into something. 
I looked up only to see that I had bumped my forehead into Mr. Bieber's crotch of his jeans. 
Wait was he wearing red skinnier all day? They look so fucking ho- NO SAM STOP YOU JUST PUT YOUR FOREHEAD TO HIS DICK!!
"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" I got up fast only to see him laughing at me.
"It's quite alright" he smirked. "Are you ready to go?"
"Go?" I asked in confusion. 
"Yeah, take a ride with me to the library. I need to pick up a class set" he smiled.
I nodded and we walked to his range rover parked on the side of the building. 

The ride to the library was a short ride.
"So what do you like to read?" Mr. Bieber asked.
"Tbh I don't really like to read Mr. Bieber..." I confessed. Confessing to a English teacher you don't like to read is probably a bad first impression.
"Yeah me either, and you can call me Justin." What the fuck he doesn't like to read? 
"Oh okay, Mr.Bieber"

*In library looking for books*
"Just look around and see what looks interesting" he smiled. It sort of looked like he was biting his inner lip.
"Okay." I turned around and started looking at some books. None of them seemed interesting. Just so I would look like I actually paid attention to what he said I picked out a random one.
"How about this one mr.Bieb-" before I could finish my sentence he was up against my back, I could feel his crotch on my ass.
"That's good, I actually like this one" he reached his hand up above me trying to grab a book off the top shelf causing his crotch to rub up and down my ass. I gulped. This was wrong. Maybe he just didn't notice what he was doing...
He brought the book down in front of me with his arms around me. He came close up to my hear with his lips and breathed against my neck whispering in my ear "and I said call me Justin..." I heard him lick his lips as he slowly moved away. 

The whole ride home my legs were just shaking. They felt like jelly and I couldn't concentrate on anything but Mr. Bieber's crotch rubbed up against me. It was so wrong but why did it make me feel so good... 
We arrived at my house and I got out.
"Thanks for the ride Mr. Bieber" I smiled.
"It's Justin" he spat.
I nodded and walked into my house, grabbing a banana and running up the stairs. It wasn't even 6pm yet and I was so tired. Before I knew it I was knocked out and deep in sleep. All I could think about was his voice near my ears. So wrong.

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