Esmeralda: The Orphan

Esmeralda is a young orphan in the kingdom of Discaria. She keeps having stange dreams of a life filled with riches. She can't figure the meaning, but knows that it has to be significant. Join her on a journey in which she discovers who she really is.


5. Chapter 5

     The visions have gotten worse. At first, I thought that it was just going to happen that one time, but they came back throughout the recent days. No one knows. I don't want to tell anyone, mainly because the message with eventually get back to Auntie Gwyneth. There's no telling on what she'd do with it.

     So I keep quiet and endure the lonely confusion. I really need to know what they mean. It has to be a sign of some sort, because they're all related. They all deal with some form of luxury.

     The most recent one I had was the longest and most vivid.

      I ran out into the palace gardens, enjoying the soft blades of grass on my feet. A man and woman were watching me. I couldn't remember the expression on their faces, but it was obviously out of the ordinary. There was a large concrete fountain with water shooting out of the mouth of an angel. I walked over and splashed around and the cool aqua spotted my clothes. Then, I ran over to the large hedge that served as a beautiful source of privacy from the outside world. The leaves were sharp and pointed which scratched my hands. Gorgeous flowers decorated the grass. The lilies seemed to be my favorite since they caught my eyes' attention first. Next, I saw a stone path and decided to follow it.

     I was abruptly shaken back to life. I could hear Auntie Gwyneth's boot making their way to confirm that we were doing out duties. Nervously, I grabbed the duster and got back to work.

     Suddenly, and epiphany came to me. There is a fortune teller in town who could possibly explain my visions. I don't usually believe in that, but it won't hurt to try. The only problem is that I don't want to end up like the last kid who snuck out.

     It was decided that I will leave early in the morning of Saturday before Auntie Gwyneth awakes from her slumber. On Saturday's, Auntie Gwyneth usually sleeps in, so that will give me even extra time.

     My duster continued to not collect dust, but push it aside. Auntie Gwyneth never spends money for new cleaning supplies, so we have to use what we have. Another orphan gives me a frustrated look, for she had just swept that area. We continued until the last ray of light disappeared behind the hill.

     Everyone else went to bed, except for me. I knew that I would never be able to wake myself up, so if I don't go to sleep, it won't be a problem.

     I must've been really optimistic at the time, because staying awake is harder than I thought it would be. I've heard people talk about how late they have stayed up, but they never described the journey. My eyes continuously wanted to close and relax, but I couldn't let that happen. My thoughts began to slow down. I tried slapping and pinching myself. I played a game. I even pretended that it was morning, but nothing helped.

     The moon peered into our window and cast a glowing white light. It was serene. Each and every star twinkled. The blackness of the night didn't seem frightening anymore. All was calm.


     One eyelid opened after another. My face beamed with happiness. The sun was shining and I could feel the freedom of the outside world. It was Saturday! Wait, it was Saturday. I had slept through the early morning.

     I hurriedly got dressed. Auntie Gwyneth wasn't awake yet, but she was soon to be. My shoes wouldn't seem to slip past my heel. I tugged and stretched as it finally got on. In less than five minutes, I was out of the door.

     Madame Eugenia's Fortune Telling and Prediction Making was the name of my destination. Many people who come from there say that they've been scammed, so her business is usually slow. They probably didn't get the answer that they wanted. I hope that at least I do. It would make me feel better, knowing that I had to face the wrath of Auntie Gwyneth and her switch.

     The entrance was not as grand as the name. It was under an old tent with red stripes which was probably from a retired circus. It was ripped and torn at several different places. I peered through a hole, and there was Madame Eugenia, resting her head on a small card table.

     I didn't want to wake her up, but I didn't want to make a dry run. The tent flap rested from the pull on it. The tent was eerie. There wasn't much, but it was too dark. The night sky had left and I now saw fear in darkness.

     "Who's there?" Madame Eugenia asks.

     "Oh, I'm sorry. I had no clue that you were awake. I'm Esmeralda and I'm here for a reading."

     "Of course my dear. Please, take a seat." Across from her was a small wooden stool, and it was the only other seat in the room, so I sat there. I shivered from nervousness.

     "So what's going on?"

     "Well, these visions keep appearing, and they are strange. I need you to help me determine what they mean."

     "Ah. Please put your hands on the table." I did as she placed hers on top of mine. "Now close your eyes. Breathe in and out. That's good. Now keep going."

     Power surged through my body as if I were being electrocuted. Maybe it was working, or my mind was just trying to satisfy itself. I was going with my first answer though, because I began to have another vision.

     I didn't start from the path in this vision. Instead, I was roaming the castle's labyrinth of rooms, halls, and corridors. Even though I seemed to know where everything was, I couldn't figure out where I was going or what I needed to do. I was extremely confused, because if I couldn't remember what I needed to do, then I would've already stopped by now. Usually, I would rest to think about what I was about to do and then carry on with something else.

     I tried to do what I wanted, but an imaginary force kept me on my course. The paintings and moldings rushed by me as I kept going. I tried to turn around or go into another direction, but it was impossible. Was I just going in a circuitous path? It couldn't be that though. I knew that different paintings were appearing and that taking a right and then two lefts and another right would not make a route. It was completely randomized.

     Thankfully, it ended when Madame Eugenia removed her hands.

     "That was very interesting." She stated, leaving me at a loss.

     "What do you mean by that?" she didn't answer me for a while. Was I upsetting her "way?" Maybe she was collecting together her thoughts. What if I she was shocked by my results? I prayed that it wasn't completely terrible. How bad could it be though? She's just a fortune teller. Who would ever believe her hocus pocus junk?

     "I don't know how to explain this to you." My ears perked up. I swallowed hard.

     " it bad?"

     "That depends on how you look at it. Some would die to have this told to them, but others would wish to be dead." My body began to sweat and I became drenched.

    "Okay Esmeralda. In your vision, did you seem lost, but knew where you were going?" I shook my head in agreement.

     "My prediction is based on that."

     "Okay, I've mentally prepared myself, so let it out"

     "Esmeralda, I believe that you do not belong in the villages of Discaria."




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