Esmeralda: The Orphan

Esmeralda is a young orphan in the kingdom of Discaria. She keeps having stange dreams of a life filled with riches. She can't figure the meaning, but knows that it has to be significant. Join her on a journey in which she discovers who she really is.


4. Chapter 4

     "I don't know where he thinks he's going to. He surely knows better than to run off and escape me. He knows that I'm going to catch up to him somehow, so why even try?" Auntie Gwyneth said. Whatever punishment he gets will be severe and I'm sure of it. Why would he act so stupid like that?

     Auntie Gwyneth's face was red and full of fury. Her sudden attitude change caught me off guard. One second she's full of woe, and then she acts as if she would kill someone. I still had a positive relationship with her, so I wasn't extremely scared. Everyone else was though. They cowered in the corner an let her steam blow out.

     "You all stay here! I have some business to adhere to!" Does she really trust us to stay here by ourselves? All our lives, she has had us under close watch, but just because someone leaves, she trusts us more for staying. This is absurd, even though I'm glad she feels that way towards us. The other orphans most likely are too.

     Within a few seconds, the door blasts open and with a slam, it shuts quickly. The wind blew in as I shivered.

     "Who's ready to have some fun?" one of the orphans says. Honestly, after she gave us her trust, he throws it away.

     "We are going to stay here and remain calm. Auntie Gwyneth hasn't been feeling well recently, so I want us to show her some respect." I received blank stares throughout the whole room. No one seemed to agree. Frustrated, I sighed.

     "I agree with Esmeralda. We may not want to, but we need to. What would be the right thing to do in this situation? Ask yourself that." My eyes lit up and my heat glowed. Mason actually stood up for me. He did it for me. I wanted to kiss him on the spot, but he may not feel the same way.

     "Yeah, and when Auntie Gwyneth sees how well behaved we are, she may let us do more things," a third person stepped in. Others slowly joined in, until everyone had decided to do the right thing. I don't mean to gloat, but I actually changed something in a positive way. People listen to me.

     So we quietly lay in our beds, waiting for Auntie Gwyneth to return with her captive. I had to admit that it was extremely boring. I desperately wished that I had chosen to have fun, but that wouldn't help. We could've went outside and played on the grass. We could've danced around in the orphanage. We could've set up a prank to mess with Auntie Gwyneth, but none of these were suggested. Our activity was staring at the wood of the bunk above you. I was about to die of boredom.

     I hopped out of the bed as more blank stares were exchanged. I was being hypocritical. I told them to lie down, yet I was walking around. Some joined me, but others stayed true to their original word. Walking may seem lame, but it could actually be very entertaining. I made a trail to see how many laps could be accomplished before Auntie Gwyneth arrived. 35...36...37...

     A creak came from the front door, and my hopes rose, but it was just an extremely fast wind. My legs became tired and wanted to be rested. I crawled back to bed and my body slowly shut down. My eyelids gently closed, and I was sound asleep.

     After about only fifteen minutes, my eyes popped back open and searched around. A large figure was poking me.

     "Hey," it whispered.

     "What do you want?" I replied grouchily.

     "It's me, Mason." I jolted up in embarrassment, hitting my head on the exact same spot.

     "Oh sorry."

     "That's okay. I just came over to tell you that I'm proud of what you said. It takes some serious willpower to show kindness to someone that you label an enemy." I was going to tell him about Auntie Gwyneth and my conversation earlier, but I wanted the praise to still come to me.

     "Wow, thanks very much! Also, thanks for standing by my side. I don't think that I could've convinced everyone without you.

     "No problem. Isn't that what friends are for?" My smile faded, but he didn't see. I couldn't believe that he only saw me as a friend. My hopes of ever dating him are gone. Why should I even try at this point? As I lay, I thought of several different ways for him to realize that I love him.

     Then, the door opens with Auntie Gwyneth and the orphan boy. She was dragging him by the ear, and he resisted her grasp as much as possible.

     "Guess who I found lurking in the streets." No one answered. We were shocked that she returned this late. She's really good at catching culprits speedily, but today, she wasn't on her A-game. It was most likely because of the loss.

     The she continued to pull the boy into a back room to keep what was about to happen in private. As soon as Auntie Gwyneth shut the door, the other orphans and I rushed to hear what was going on. She probably knew we were right there because she made a larger-than-life scene, or maybe it was that she may have been madder than I expected.

     "Are you insane?! I should kill you right now!" Her voice filled with rage. Smack! Smack! The boy whimpered. Smack! Smack!

     "You shouldn't be sneaking out if you don't want to be punished. Also, dry it up! You still have six more!" Smack! Smack! Smack! The boy screamed, pleading for help, but what could we do? It's not our fault he fails at obeying rules. He knew it was coming. Smack! Smack!

     "Now, this last one is going to be extremely painful, so be prepared." Did she say "extremely painful?" It's not like the other ones didn't hurt. How much worse could it be? Crack!

     He ran out, gripping his rear. Auntie Gwyneth came out with not one, but two belts. I soon discovered that Auntie Gwyneth beat him so hard that the belt broke into two.

     This was really extreme, even for her. Of course she punished us, but never like this before. Usually we just had some of our few privileges taken away. Also, I was so kind to her earlier today, so I would expect her to act a little giddier.

     "Hey Auntie Gwyneth..."

     "Go to bed. Actually, everyone to the beds now!" She ever acted furious, even to me! I never did anything to her!

     This reminds me that I never meant my forgiveness, and that actually makes me happy. I won't forgive her until she starts showing that she will be truthful with her apologies. It makes me sick to know that she hadn't changed after all. This morning, she was a whole new person, and now, she's back to normal.  I guess I got my wish after all.

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