Esmeralda: The Orphan

Esmeralda is a young orphan in the kingdom of Discaria. She keeps having stange dreams of a life filled with riches. She can't figure the meaning, but knows that it has to be significant. Join her on a journey in which she discovers who she really is.


3. Chapter 3

     No one woke me up the next morning. It seemed a little peculiar. Surely Auntie Gwyneth would not pass up the opportunity to wake me up from my pleasurable slumber. I knew something was up, but I didn't want to investigate. Auntie Gwyneth may remember what happened last night if I did.

     So I stayed where I was, covered in the thin sheet that was considered to be a blanket. I wasn't comfortable. Not because of the chilly air that stuck my face frequently, but because I had to wait for Auntie Gwyneth to call me over. I could hear her black boots and her cumbersome yelling. It wouldn't be long until then.

     I did my best to catch up on sleep that I had missed while at the carnival. It was extremely challenging. Fret and worry were battling out fatigue and sleepiness. Fret was dominating fatigue, but worry had been overtaken by sleepiness. It was a stalemate battle, but fatigue and sleepiness came out on top, or so I thought.

     In my dream, I was being chased down by a pair of black boots. We raced all around. The boots had sharp teeth, ready to gnash at me. They were gaining, with their chomping mouths coming closer and closer. I tripped, unable to get up. They were almost here. Sweat trickled down my face as strings of saliva stretched across the boots' mouths.

     SMACK! My head hit the bunk above me. I massaged my skull. My armpits were stained and my face felt like I had just taken a shower. I wiped it off with my forearm.

     "Would you calm down? I'm trying to sleep."

     "Sorry." My head throbbed as if it was about to explode. I became weary and fell off of my bunk. If Auntie Gwyneth hadn't heard any of the recent noises, then I don't know what could coax her to wake us all up.

     Something was seriously wrong and I had to get to the bottom of it, even if I did get in trouble. It was time to get rid of my worry.

     The corner of the bedroom seemed to take forever to get past. The molding on it was chipped and the paint was cracking. I felt it and a small amount of dried paint fell to the floor. Something told me that she watched everything I just did and that she was waiting for me to show myself.

     Through the hall, into the kitchen, and on the couch lay Auntie Gwyneth sobbing. I was shocked to know that she could feel emotions, besides anger. It was the first time I actually ever felt pity and sorrow towards her.

     "Auntie Gwyneth, are you okay?" No answer came "Can I do anything for you?"

     "Yes, leave me alone. I would like to be in peace right now and you are interrupting the peace." There wasn't much anger in the way she said it. It sounded like she was embarrassed to know that I saw her.

     I began to turn around, but I couldn't just leave her there. A lump of skin lying on the couch. I didn't want the old Auntie Gwyneth back, but I didn't like this one that much. She wanted comfort. Her glassy eyes showed the sadness and grief that would forever stay if I didn't help.

     On the couch, was a spot that seemed like it was perfectly reserved for me. I sat down, hopping that she wouldn't blow her top off. Thankfully, she didn't. Her tears kept pouring out as I sat next to her awkwardly.

     I was never assigned the task of comforting someone while they were downcast. No one had ever comforted me, so I didn't know what to do. The question floated in my head, but my pondering was ineffective. I had not solutions, but I did my best.

     My arm slowly crawled around her back, as she drew herself next to me like a fishing lure. It wasn't the most pleasant sensation, but Auntie Gwyneth sure enjoyed it. I noticed that her outburst had slowly changed to a whimper, so progress was being made. It was as if I had placed a pacifier in her mouth.

     "I'm sorry Esmeralda."

     "What for?" I began to become confused.

     "I'm sorry that you have to see me in this condition. I'm sorry for all of the things I've said to you and the other orphans. Please forgive me."

     "You're forgiven." That was a lie. How could she possibly think that I could forgive her after everything I've been through?

     "Thank you. Also, thanks for being here for me. You have a true heart of gold."

     "No problem, but if you don't mind me asking, what's wrong?"

     "My last family member died. It was my uncle, but I never had a real relationship with him. Now, I'm all alone, well except for you. You are the closest thing I have to family now." Maybe that's why Auntie Gwyneth was so bitter. She never had anyone to care for her, just like the other orphans and me. I'm glad I stayed too. We really established a connection.

     I knew she didn't want to leave me, and I agreed with her. The time ticked away and we paid no attention to it. Nothing seemed to scare me either. Her boots were just another regular pair of black leather with straps. I saw peace in her face now, not anger.

     Clash! We both hustled up to see what happened. The bedroom seemed quiet, but something had happened.

     "What's going on?" Auntie Gwyneth questioned. "What was that bang?" Everyone else was just as confused as she was. No one knew who or what had made the sound.

     Auntie Gwyneth stared out the window. She gasped to show her shock. I peered over her shoulder. Right outside of the window was an orphan dashing at full speed.

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