Esmeralda: The Orphan

Esmeralda is a young orphan in the kingdom of Discaria. She keeps having stange dreams of a life filled with riches. She can't figure the meaning, but knows that it has to be significant. Join her on a journey in which she discovers who she really is.


2. Chapter 2

     We would leave when Auntie Gwyneth took her regular afternoon nap. The Kingdom Carnival is today and some of the orphans and I want to go. Auntie Gwyneth never let us go, so this would be our first time. I was giddier than a little child receiving candy. That is, if Auntie Gwyneth takes her nap.

     I fantasized about the carnival. The soft cotton candy that melts in your mouth, freshly spun. The aroma of buttered popcorn would fill the air. Several attractions that spin, turn, and twist in every direction. A clown with a face painted in multitudes of color is blowing up a balloon to make various animals. The whole place would be jolly and merry with no sadness in sight. I can feel it coming. All that I need to do now is wait.


     After waiting for what seemed like eternity, Auntie Gwyneth finally fell asleep. The orphans who wanted to go and I began the procedure that we had discussed in our meeting. First, we open the window in our bedroom. The front door was always squeaky, and Auntie Gwyneth would hear the noises of the outdoors. The bedroom was safely tucked away in the corner of the orphanage, so the sounds could not possibly reach her ears.

     After opening the window, one by one, we crawled down a ladder that was placed by one of the orphans who had outside chores to do. The process was halted however, because one of the younger orphans was too scared to climb down the "shaky" ladder. When we explained that someone at the bottom was holding the ladder, he said that the wind might knock him off. I needed to step in and say something, or we would never make it to the carnival.

     "Someone will catch you. There's no reason to be scared. Just go before Auntie Gwyneth feels a draft and decides to investigate." Reluctantly, he agreed. He never fell off, and the ladder stayed sturdy on the wall. Only a few of us were still in the bedroom, but we were too eager to worry about falling. The last person shut the window, and let a small crack, so we could get back in.

     The walk there took longer than I had that it would. The same boy that worried about getting on the ladder stated that his feet were tired and he couldn't walk. I had to pitch in and carry him. I wished that one of the stronger boys had helped, because I became exhausted quickly. My arms were about to fall off. Almost all of the circulation in my arms was gone until Mason recognized that I struggling, and carried the boy for me.

     I started blushing, but that was the least of my worries. I was fatigued and desperately needed to regain my energy. Luckily I brought water with me though. The cool aqua slithered down my throat, rejuvenating my body. Whew! Thank goodness! That's just what I had to have.

     We could tell that we reached the carnival because music sounded out. Bright colors were everywhere. Nearly every color in the spectrum was used. The air smelled of butter; just as I had imagined. Towering over everything though, was the Ferris wheel. I knew to go there last. I wanted to end my day slowly.

     First, I went to see what had perturbed my curiosity form the start. There were several animal noises, which I had never heard before. They were all located in a massive, red tent. Inside, it was almost like a small zoo. There were monkeys, elephants, and even a tiger! Several people were vicious to the animals. They provoked them by spitting and throwing trash. All of this was because the animals weren't as entertaining as they were expected to be. It was a horrendous sight. I reached out to the tiger. I recognize that this was a fool's action, but I could see the misery in its eyes. It felt lonely and abandoned, just like me.

     After viewing my compassion, the others scowled at me, calling me idiotic and insane. It upset me, so I left, hiding my tears. If only they knew how rude they were. They would be ashamed. They wouldn't claim their selves.

     My stomach grumbled, so I chose to eat a snack. Because the event was funded by the kingdom, all of the food was free. I raced to the popcorn as my mouth already began salivating.

     I reached for the popcorn. The paper holding it was steaming hot. I didn't care though. It's the best thing that I've had in a long time. The salt tickled my tongue, and the butter smoothed out the flavor. I've never had popcorn, and I never imagined the taste to be like this. I grabbed fluffy, pink cotton candy as well. I enjoyed the sweet taste and licked my fingers, for they were sticky. If only I ate like this every day.

     Next, I went to ride in a cylinder that spun you around and around until the worker stopped the ride. It didn't look too safe, but it didn't bother me. I survived Auntie Gwyneth, and that's the biggest danger anyone could ever face. Plus, they would've already broken before I got on. I checked to insure the safety by shaking it as I got on. I passed my test, so I went on without fears.

     A buzzer sounded which notified me that the ride was beginning. I grasped onto a metal bar that stood before me. The ride began very slow, and progressively got faster. I was not impressed and was still convinced that this was just a kiddie ride. Suddenly, my last statement became regretted. My mind couldn't process what was going on around me. Everything became a blur and the ride reached what seemed like its maximum speed. I was shocked back to life when the buzzer went off again.

     I shakily got off of the ride. Nausea kicked in and I ran to the outhouse. I was almost there, but my feet weren't fast enough. Running had sped up the process of regurgitation. I had let it go, which emitted a foul smell from that area of the carnival. My sense of mind came back and I understood clearly what happened. My mouth had a terrible and disgusting taste. The water I brought would surely help it go away.

     It didn't completely leave, but enough of it left, so I could go back into the public. The sun was just about to set, and the orphans agreed that we would leave when it completely set. It then became time for me to ride the Ferris wheel. My very last attraction was going to be the best one.

     As I was waiting in line, I noticed that Lizzie was in line, right in front of me. Of course, she was in the tightest clothes she could possibly find.

     "Mason! Over here!" she shouted. I was shocked to find that no one was bothered by him jumping in line. Well, then again, he was the only person I focused on, so how could I possibly know. He is just so distracting, with the perfect eyes. Who am I kidding? He's perfect everywhere.

     They chatted for a while, but I couldn't decipher their whispering. We were closer to the front of the line. I also realized that the workers didn't care who you were next to, for they put everyone in pairs. Lizzie was too busy chatting, so she didn't realize that she would not be riding with Mason.

     "Next two please."

     "Okay Mason, let's ride" The smile from her face suddenly disappeared like she had just been slapped. She was forced onto the ride with some random stranger.

     "No I have to ride with Mason!"

     "Oh I'm so sorry that I don't care. Get on the Ferris wheel now!"

     "Ugh!" She stuck out her lips like a spoiled three year-old. The person riding with her tried to bring comfort, but she just snapped at him.

     "Next two please." Now, I was really excited, but it came with a mix of nervousness. I get to ride next to him, but what if I say the wrong things? What if he smells my acidic breath? What if he really hates me?

     Questions like these raced through my mind as I hopped into the next booth. The worker closed the gate, and continued the ride. Ok, here goes nothing.

     "So, it's a very pretty day," I said, searching for things to fill in the gaps of silence.

     "Yeah, it sure is." We began to reach the peak of the ride.

     "Wow. I love this sunset. It's so pretty" I never thought he would have that kind of side. He was right though. Oranges and pinks covered the landscape. It was amazing.

     The moment lasted very long. God must've been working here, because the ride was having technical difficulties. It stopped, and we had a long time to talk. Our conversation began to boom as well. I was so excited, that I forgot all the details, but it was perfect. We really connected up there. Everything was going just the way I wanted it to.

     That is, until I passed out. I can't remember what exactly happened, but I had a vision.

      I was dressed up in the finest of clothes. The greatest silks imported from China. In front of me was a glass plate, rimmed with gold. The silverware was as clean as could be. The napkin was not of paper, but of actual cloth! Further away, was a feast fit for a king. Scrambled eggs were piled high. Bacon cooked to a crispy perfection. Sausage that was juicy and tender. Toast that was buttered and made of fresh bread. Warm, flaky, and golden biscuits had gravy to accompany them. The scones looked amazing as well. I chowed down and ate until I could eat no more. I grabbed a scone, and went outside.

     I was abruptly woken up by Mason. I was enjoying the vision, but I enjoyed the company of Mason even better. The booth has almost finished its revolution. It was dark out, so the other orphans probably have already left, concerning only of themselves. I don't blame them either. They are just following rule six.

     The walk back was short, differing from the walk here. I told Mason exactly what I remembered from my vision. We filled the rest of our time telling jokes, and stories of recent happenings. It left me with a warm feeling.

     When we arrived at the orphanage, the ladder was removed. The warm feeling disappeared. I began fretting as I came back to Earth. Auntie Gwyneth would be awake my now and she would know that we left. What would we do? Should I walk through the front door and try to sneak in, or should I just come out and admit the truth?

     Mason and I decided to stick with the first option. We couldn't give up after coming this far, and it is better to at least try, than to not try at all.

     I prayed for the door to not squeak just this once. Slowly, I opened it. There was a small squeak, like a mouse, but that was all. I sighed. We slowly closed it back and I could hear my own heart beating as well as Mason's. We crept into the bedroom and we heard the marching of black boots. Oh great. We lost the battle.

     "Go to bed! We'll talk about this in the morning!" she said. I can't believe that she let us get away with that. Well, at least for now. There's no telling what kind of fury she'll have in the morning. It all depends if she sleeps well or not. I hope that all of this will be past us by the morning.


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