My bestfriend

A boy named Nolan secretly has a crush on his friend it :)


4. The dance

I'm sitting in 7th period waiting to get out and the day to end already all I have to get through is the dance I hope it's not going to be hell watching the girl of my dreams dance with another guy while I'm sitting alone like always but what ever, I get home and lay on the couch for a couple hours "Nolan are you going to your school dance honey?" "Yes mom" "are you going to go with Ashley" I frown "noooo" "aw why she seems like a good girl" I smile "yeah she is but she already has a date" "oh I'm sorry I know how you liked her" "it's cool mom I don't mind going alone" she looks at me "what time does it start" "around 7:45" she looks at the time "OH MY you better get ready it's 7:00" I slowly get up "ok mom" I walk to my room and get out my suit it was black and red with dressy shoes I get ready and I brush my hair an spray some cologne on then I stand looking in the mirro thinking how the dance is going to be like then I look at my phone an it's 7:23 "MOM I NEED A RIDE" I walk out and look outside and she's already in the car so I dash out there "thanks mom" she smiles "your welcome" we get there she kisses my cheek "have a good time and call me when it's done" "ok mom bye" she drives off I turn around and I fix my tie then I walk to the entrance an give them my ticket I look around I see some of my friends with there dates I find a seat and sit there I spot Ben but I don't see Ashley and it looks like Ben is dancing with some other girl "what the hell" I get up and look around for Ashley then I see her in the back crying I walk up and sit next to her "hey.." She looks over at me "oh...hi Nolan" I skewt closer to her "are you ok?" She crys more "no he he" she starts balling and I get closer and I hold her there she looks so beautiful she starts to stop crying "ok he told me I looked ugly tonight and he used me to get some other girl jealo" she starts crying I hold her again "don't listen to him.." Still crying "you are the most beautifulest girl I've ever seen Ashley your eyes light up the moon" she looks at me "really?" She sniffles "yes and no one can change that" I see her smile., I think it's time I told her right when I'm about to tell her I like her that's when she looks into my eyes an she slowly leans in and kisses me it felt like the world was spinning around us she pulls away an looks down and covers her face "I'm sorry so sorry Nolan" I look at her ok it's time to make my move I grab her hand and I pulled her face towards me and I slowly leaned in and kissed her it was so perfect we stop and start blushing she giggles I smile "so beautiful would you like to dance" I get out and I put out my hand she smiles "yes" we danced for about 1/2 hours then it was time to leave as I was holding her hand walking her outside we stop "thanks Nolan" "anytime..I hope you had a good time" she smiles and wraps her arms around my neck and I look down at her "I did a really good time"she pulls me towards a wall and she leans against it while her arms were still wrapped around me I put my hands around her waist and I slowly kiss her lips then it hit me I was actually making out with Ashley beautiful Ashley, she was running her fingers through my hair I kind of smile not trying to ruin this moment we take our last kiss and our last hug of the night and she goes home my picks me up and asked me if I had a good time " yes a very good time such a good time" I smiled non stop.

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