My bestfriend

A boy named Nolan secretly has a crush on his friend it :)


1. My bestfriend

Hi I'm Nolan and over there sitting by a tree is my best friend and her name is Ashley she has beautiful black hair amazing eyes as blue as the ocean she she has the most amazing personality we have been friends since 4th grade and we are now in 10th grade and I have a confession I think I'm in love with her but the thing is I can't work up the guts to tell her and what if I tell her and she doesn't feel the same I'd feel like a dumb ass but it's now or never the worst thing that could happen is her not being my friend,avoiding me, never ever talking to me again oh gosh ok ok I need to stop thinking these things ok so my plan is to tell her at the school dance we are going to be having on Tuesday so 2 more days but I have to ask her to the dance first well here is my chance to ask here goes nothing....

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