My bestfriend

A boy named Nolan secretly has a crush on his friend it :)


3. Monday

I get ready brush out my hair I think I need a hair cut it's almost to my shoulders I laugh to myself then I head out the door to the bus stop and I see Ashley looking beautiful as always I go up an hug her she jumps "oh my gosh you scared me Nolan" "I did no such thing ha" she hugs me back the bus pulls up we all get on an I sit next to her an she asks me want to see what I'm going to be wearing tomorrow" I immediately say yea she pulls out her phone an shows me a picture of her in a blue dress she looked so beautiful "you look cute" oh crap did I just say that she smiles an kisses my cheek "aww thanks Nolan" I blush "ha welcome" we get to school and my normal routine I go to class and wait for the bell to ring my stomach growls damn I'm hungry I have 2 more class periods till lunch I guess I can wait... 2 periods go by I rush to a lunch line when I run into Ben oh god Ben the guy who asked my girl to the dance right when I'm about to turn around to leave "hey Nolan" "ooh hi Ben" he grins at me "so can't wait for that dance huh" "yup" "who are you going with?" I feel like punching him in the face he knew I liked Ashley he knew I would ask her to the dance "a person" he chuckles "oh cool I'm going with Ashley" "yup I know" "how do you know?" "Ashley told me" I feel my anger rising "oh that's cool I can't wait to be all over her tomorrow night" he winks "ok" "oh yah didn't you like her?" "Yea I do" he laughs "sucks to suck" he turns around, I walk away in anger not even remembering how I was hungry I got and sit alone on a bench and start thinking how badly I wanted to strangle him but I know that wouldn't solve anything so I just put in my headphones on an sit there until it was time for class again, I watch everyone time goes by so fast it's time to go home but I'm still angry about Ben, I get on the bus I see Ashley and I pass her sitting in the very back alone I see her a couple times look back at me but I just ignore it when our bus stop comes up we get off and as I start walking towards my house "HEY NOLAN!" I turn around and Ashley comes towards me "are you ok? You seemed mad" I look down "no no I'm fine" "well why did you sit in the back?" "I didn't see you on the bus so i sat by myself an I'm really fine" I force a fake smile she hugs me tightly "ok if you say so" "yah but I have to go do homework" she let's go "oh ok bye I guess" "bye" I walk off

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