My bestfriend

A boy named Nolan secretly has a crush on his friend it :)


2. Asking her

As I walk up to her she looks up an smiles "hey Nolan" "hey Ashley" she gets up an hugs me oh god she has the best hugs ever "so what's up Nolan" "oh nothin haha just here with you an yourself" she sits back down "just sitting here alone waiting for someone to join me haha" she pats the ground and I get a bit nervous but I go and sit next to her "so Nolan what brings you here?" I get really nervous my hands start sweating on TV it seemed easier to ask a girl to a dance but I guess I was wrong she glares at me oh god I need to think of something "oh uh ice cream" "oh ice cream hmmm" I think of something "yea do you want to go to mr.goobers ice cream shop down the street?" Ok maybe I'll ask her there "well I don't know" "please Ashley" I give her puppy eyes "but I have no money with me" she does a sad face "don't worry I'll pay" I get up an grab her hand an I pull her up then I let go and we start walking "am I being forced to get ice cream ha" I laugh "yes yes you are there's no going back" a couple minutes later we get there I hold the door open for her and we walk towards the line "what would mrs.ashley want?" She looks at the menu "uhh uhh uhh" I laugh "hurry the line is moving by fast" "um how bout Oreo swirl" I smile "ok that's what I was going to get to" we get to the line "2 medium Oreo swirls" we wait "so Ashley do you wanna sit in or outside?" She thinks for a moment "outside" our ice cream gets here and I grab mine an she grabs hers an we both head outside and sit on the table in the shade "thank you Nolan" she smiles, ok here's my chance to ask "so Ashley" "yeah?" "I was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance on Tuesday?" She looks down "well I kind of have a date to the dance...Ben asked me...I'm so sorry" I take a deep breath "haha I was kidding I knew you had a date" I force a smile she says "ohh are going to go?" "Yea I am" "with who?" "That's a secret ha" "oh ha ok" we get done with our ice creams an head home

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