Too Mainstream

A book dedicated to cliché ideas used in One Direction FanFics. Not meant to offend anyone's work but for humor and knowledge towards subject.

Written by The Leader. All copyright towards (The Leader) copying of this is against the law. And if you do copy watch your ass be beat with justice. And yes curse words are used so if not comfortable don't report nor read. Some chapters go over the subject of Sexual Actions. Depression is discussed and if you have a problem either don't take it seriously or stop reading. Fair warning and read at your own decision.


1. Chapter Uno

Not meant to offend anyone, meant for humor and information on what I have noticed. Enjoy :)

// C H A P T E R * U N O //

"I know this may sound obvious, but too much 'telling' vs. 'showing' in the first chapter is definite warning sign for me. The first chapter should present a compelling scene, not a road map for the book. The goal is to make the reader curious about your characters. fill their heads with questions that must be answered, not fill them in on exactly where, when, who, and how." 

-Emily Sylvan Kim, Prospect Agency


       It sometimes starts with, Hi my name Rose and I'm seventeen years old and bullied at school :(

First of all no Novel ever starts like that, nor do authors use emojis during the book. And that's never a good way to start a book, because you want the reader to find out for themselves about the life of the character.


      The main character, as in the girl. Always considers herself ugly. She is bullied at school, always in high school, because she's fat, ugly, boring, the new girl, or just a plain horrible human with the world against her. But when she looks in the mirror. Surprise! The teenage Victoria Secret Model appears, mostly with a picture of Barbra Palvin or a Tumblr girl with weird side bangs as the cover. 




    As I got out of bed to prepare myself for another horrible day at school where all they do is bully me for my looks....I go in my bathroom in look at the mirror. I know I'm ugly. 

     Natural blonde, wavy hair. Pale blue eyes to match my pale skin. My thin figure figure and my elf height of 5 foot 3. Why am I so ugly?!!?!?!??!?!?!? I ask my self desperately. 


Didn't know Victoria Secret models were now considered ugly. 


*How to fix this?


Well first never compliment yourself or the character. As in NO USING the thin figure or wavy hair thing. Just avoid using things you'll see in models, unless she's a model in the book, but we are focusing on a girl who is bullied.


   How it could be written....


   As I got out of bed to prepare myself for another Monday, with everyone looking at me like I'm a freaking rat nest. I stopped to look at the mirror. Pale skin where my black bags of poor sleep showed from watching to much Vampire Dairies are clear. My blue eyes lacking....pretty much anything. Then the usual oily hair and what I think as Cheeto coloring all over my mouth.


See she doesn't give to much into how she looks which gives you a plus as to she's not insecure. Which not too many fanfics use, because in every fan fiction the girl bullied since she was child. But if you do want to go with the pained tortured girl. Then simply say something like....


  I avoided the mirror already having everyone at school telling me how awful I look.


See now no more compliments instead use things that well describe an actual geek who spends way to much studying and looks a mess.


   Now to continue with the fan-fic I am reading at the current moment is what they wear.


Usually skinny jeans and baggy sweatshirts. Which I don't know about you but every time I try that I look I end up looking like a hobo. But if you consider it fashion, then cool. You could say that, but the same look for every school girl is a bit cliche. But its okay to have it evry once in a while because everyone want a comfy day.


  How to fix the wardrobe?


    Don't always wear skinny jeans because if you do I don't know how the heck your character breathes with wearing skinny jeans every freaking day. Like my man Harry who bathes in skinny jeans.

   *So why not use boot cut jeans, pajama pants, knee cut jeans, shorts, long length skirts, leggings, anything is possible now in days even trash bags if you want to be unique.

      Now as for shirts, don't always wear baggy shirts or sweaters. Even though I do, don't over use it.

  *Use Turtle necks, regular T-shirts, the girl's dead or alive dad's shirt, a V-neck, even Halloween costume shirts, and guess what jackets....yep there are still jackets that aren't considered hoddies. Anything is possible even a bra if you're that confident or live in hot tropical areas because every character lives in Los Angels - sometimes just plain California. And guess where else, London. Because London is the only place in the UK, but we'll get to that part later.


Now shoes....They always wear the following;  Converse, Vans, Toms, Nike. What no one or rarely uses is;  Flip flops, saddles, rain boots, fluffy slippers, sketchers, Keds, or plain black shoes found at Walmart. Just to give an idea.


   Just to add. There is always or sometimes a bathroom in their room, or a walk in closet with 1245696664 freaking clothes in there. No one has drawers or old fashion closets anymore. Their room magically cleans it self because they are really neat teenagers. Not like my room that I can't find half my socks until I clean under my bed. Like seriously be realistic and put a bit of yourself in the book.


   I think that covers the basics for the first chapter of some books. And its better if you don't start in the morning and don't give an essay worth paragraph about getting ready.







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