Forever Together

I saw her walking across the pavement. I watched her carefully, almost studying her figure, her long blonde hair that moves with the wind. Then, she turned around and it hit me, "Camy!" I called out. She just turned back around and continued walking. I looked away just for a second and when I turned back, she was gone...... Forever........


2. Nobody Cares

"Excuse me, sir." I heard a deep voice say to me. "Hello." I said, opening my eyes. "Sir, you know you can't sleep here." The man said as I looked at his feet. "Oh I'm so sorry. I was just laying here and I must've fell asleep."

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave this park, we don't want the little kids getting scared by bums like you." He said. "Excuse me? You do understand I am Harry Styles, right? I'm definitely not a bum." I said getting up and moving the hair out of my face. "I'm sorry Harry. But I'm going to have to ask you to stay away from this park forever!" He said taking a step towards me. All I did was scream. "Sir! Don't scream!" The man said and moved out of the sunshine to where I could see that he is a cop. "I'm sorry but this is where me and my fiancé met and if I ever lost this place, I would die." I said almost panicking. "Harry, I don't care about your fiancé. You need to get out of here now!" "YOU DON'T CARE!!! YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT MY FIANCÉ!!!! WELL GUESS WHAT! SHE'S DEAD!!!" I said and stormed off. "HARRY!" I hear coming from the distance, "Harry I'm sorry! I didn't know! Come back!" I turned around and said, "What if I banned you from the one place that keeps you alive? Huh?!? What would you do? You know what! Don't answer because I don't care!" And with that I got into my car and left for home. When I got home, I saw that the boys were there. "Hi Harry!" They all said, "we've been worried sick about you! Where have you been?" "Somewhere. And you know what I learned today?" "What?" Niall said. "I learned that nobody cares about me or Camy......"

A/N: To be continued! Like and comment because it means so much to me! UNICORN POWER!!!!!

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