Forever Together

I saw her walking across the pavement. I watched her carefully, almost studying her figure, her long blonde hair that moves with the wind. Then, she turned around and it hit me, "Camy!" I called out. She just turned back around and continued walking. I looked away just for a second and when I turned back, she was gone...... Forever........


3. Hello part 1

"HARRY!!! HARRY!!!! GET UP!!!! C'MON HARRY!!! WE ARE GOING SOMEWHERE!!!" Niall yelled as he ran into my room. "Go away...... Niall........ Please." I said and pulled the pillow over my face. "We have to leave now!!!!" "Why? Where are we going?" "The carnival" "I don't want to go." I said. "C'mon Harry....please the boys are already in the car and ready to go." Niall pleaded. "Fine. Give me a few seconds. Ok?" "Ok" I got ready and walked out to the car. "Hey it's Harry!" Liam said. "How you doing, man?" Zayn asked. "I'm ok." I said and sat by Louis and Niall. "HEY HAZZA!" Louis yelled when I sat down. "Hey....." I said while covering my ear. "Dude you look like crap." Louis said. "I know......" "And your breath," Louis sniffed, "it smells like alcohol." "Don't remind me....." I said and we got out of the car, "guys, I'm going to the lou." "Okay Harry." Zayn said.

Liam's P.O.V

Harry isn't doing do well and I'm really worried about him and his health. "Hey guys. Have you guys seen how bad Harry has been looking?" I said. "Yea it's been rough for him lately." Louis said. "What should we do?" Niall asked. "I dunno." Zayn said. "Maybe we could set him up with a girl..... Or a hobby." Louis stated. "That could work-" I got cut off. "What could work?" Harry asked. "Nothing!" Zayn snapped.

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