Reading Twilight

So, I'm working on my Reading the Hunger Games Fan fiction, but I also want to do a reading twilight fan fiction. So this is the Cullens reading Twilght during New Moon.


1. Getting the Books


Edward Cullen was laying on the ground in a tight ball. He had left Bella. His beautiful Bella. His family was trying to help him get through it, but they weren't helping. He was in his room trying to avoid them right now. Only one person could help him, and he had left her. Left her for her own safety. And now he was heartbroken.

While Edward was wallowing in self pity, the rest of the Cullens were in the living room. They were trying to figure out how to help Edward. Only, it didn't help that he was avoiding them. They knew he wouldn't be listening but they still spoke in hushed tones. They were worried that Edward would never be himself again. They also missed the person missing from their family. Bella Swan. Even Rosalie wanted to go back.

As they were discussing this Alice had a vision. Everyone noticed and turned toward her. When she came back they looked at her expecting her to tell them about it.

"We're going to get a package soon." She said. Emmet looked confused. "Is there anything else that you saw?" He asked. She nodded. "The package is a set of books. They are about Bella" she explained.

Everyone gasps and thought about Edward. He wasn't going to be happy. "We should call Edward down" said Carlisle. They all agreed.

Edward, would you come down Carlisle thought.

Edward heard the thought and said no. They all heard from their super hearing. Esme sighed and said "Edward, we need you to come down." "No" he refused again. Alice sighed. "Please?" She tried. "No" he replied timelessly again. "This is stupid. Edward we need you to come down for Bella. She ma-" Rosalie didn't get to finish her sentence because Edward was already down.

"What about Bella?" He asked quickly. "Alice had a vision. We are going to get a package of books about Bella" Jasper explained.

Just then the doorbell rang. Carlisle went to get the package. When he came back he opened i and took out the first book. "Who wants to read first?" He asked. "I will" said Jasper.


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