Secrets & love

Clarissa is all alone. her parents left her at a young age because she knew something...something other people find weird. She soon meets up with her childhood crush and learns that she's different and he is too. She figures out she is a princess and she must protect both her kingdom and her heart but how can she do that when her most trusted love wants her back. Who will she choose? What will she decide?


1. The man in black

 I forgot to lock my window but I feel asleep.
    I woke up startled. I wanted to move but I was frozen in that spot. The figure leaned over my body.
    “I’m back for you."
  He lifted me. I again tried to move. He hopped the broken glass.
    "It's okay. I'm Hayden don't you remember."         
    Memories flooded my mind.
    "I remember." I stated.
     " do you remember the song I sung to you when we were little?"
    "Can you Sing it so I know it's really you?" I asked.
      He started to sing the song that ruined my childhood.
    *Sweet girl I'll be there for you always. Sweet girl I'll make sure your okay. Sweet girl I'll make sure you won't forget about me .*
    “Do you know it's me now?"
        Whoosh!! BANG!!
    The door swung open and my dad ran out with a gun.
    “Not you again you rotten downworlder!!!" My dad screamed.
    I looked up into the figures eyes as if I was screaming run; He ran. I kept my gaze on his eyes.
    His eyes were a beautiful gold. His body was a muscular figure. His skin was perfectly sun kissed. His hair was a perfect brown. He wore a black hoodie with black jeans and dress shoes.

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