Secrets & love

Clarissa is all alone. her parents left her at a young age because she knew something...something other people find weird. She soon meets up with her childhood crush and learns that she's different and he is too. She figures out she is a princess and she must protect both her kingdom and her heart but how can she do that when her most trusted love wants her back. Who will she choose? What will she decide?


5. Notes and life

      I lay in my coffin wearing a dress and makeup.
      “How is she in one piece?” People muttered.
      *Amazing grace how sweet the sound I once was lost but now I’m found*
      I listened to the sounds and speeches. Anne Marie talked about my great manors, the servants talked about my great attitude, and Hayden talked about everything about me.
      When Hayden finished his speech he turned to me and said “Rest in peace, my love.”
      When people walked to my casket they said things like…
      “Sorry princess.”
      “You were our only hope.”

      Then Hayden walked up. He put a single rose in my hair and then kissed my forehead. My body warmed up and I felt like I was on fire.
                  BUMP BUMP!!!
      My heart was beating again.
      I drew in a breath. Hayden looked down at me. I opened my eyes.
      “I need a doctor.” I said weakly.
      He lifted me out of the casket and walked to his mother

      “She’s alive.” He told her.
      I drifted to sleep.

      My eyes flew open and I realized Anne Marie clapped in my face.
      “No sleeping you’ll slip into a comma.”
      I sat in the infirmary for two weeks until they let me out. I was under 24 hour surveillance.
      I walked into my room and opened a journal from a week after I met Hayden.

     February 11, 2012
Dear journal,
      I am only doing this because the person mommy and daddy had take me away is making me and he promised not to read this. He told me to write about Hayden but I don’t want to. They think he’s not real and I’m crazy. I know he’s real. He said I was special. I really believe him. We’ll tell each other everything. I’m meeting him again tomorrow.

      A hand touched my back so I grabbed it and twisted. I threw the person on the floor in front of me, flipped them and put the arm in between the shoulder blades.
      “Mercy!!” the person cried.
      “Hayden?! I’m so sorry I didn’t know.” I apologized.
      I let go of his arm.
      He stood up and said “It’s cool. I came to tell you to change and come down stairs. People are coming over to see you.”
      “You would never think you were a prince. Anyway I’ll go down stairs.” I said hiding the journal.
      “What’s that?”
      “What’s what?”
      “That.” He said grabbing towards the journal.
      “Nothing.” I said pushing it away.
      He grabbed me, laid me down on my bed, and kissed me. Taking the advantage he grabbed the journal.
      “So mean.” I said to him.
      “Not mean just smart.”
      He read trough weeks of the therapy until he put it down.
      “I... I’m sorry. You shouldn’t have gone through that.”
      “Its fine I got out of it anyways.” I explained.
      “How?” he asked.
      “At first they thought you were a ghost when I told them about you saying I’m special but then when I looked into their eyes after years of therapy begging them not to take me they ended therapy as soon as they could.”
      “So in other words you used your powers?”
      “Yah but then they sent me to some of the neighbors for babysitting and they died so I was fostered. It all worked out but some of the foster parents were crazy.”
      I got up and grabbed a dress from the closet. I walked to the bathroom and changed. When I walked out Hayden was sitting on my bed reading more of the journal.
      “Why aren’t you changed?” I asked.
      “I am.” He replied.
      “Can I please help you look formal?” I said with my best puppy dog face.
      I saw him start to resist but in the end he said “fine.” And stomped to his room.
      I had him put on his best clothes as I grabbed some hair supplies from my room. When I came back I made him look like a real prince.
      “When do our gests arrive?”
      “Any minute now.”
      The door bell rang and I heard Anne Marie answer it. Hayden and I walked down the stair slowly hand in hand.
      “Who are these people?” I whispered.
      “These are people who will decide if we are the right people to rule the kingdom or if you are fit to rule alone.” He whispered back.

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