Secrets & love

Clarissa is all alone. her parents left her at a young age because she knew something...something other people find weird. She soon meets up with her childhood crush and learns that she's different and he is too. She figures out she is a princess and she must protect both her kingdom and her heart but how can she do that when her most trusted love wants her back. Who will she choose? What will she decide?


3. Amblish

       "Why didn't you tell me you were a prince Hayden? I trusted you to tell me everything. I...I was 8 and it wouldn't have changed anything."
        “I was keeping my identity a secret. I'm not supposed to tell anyone." He stated.
         "Why? Where are we going?” I asked.
          As I was talking a roar came from the woods. It was loud and powerful and...Close.
          "H-Hayden?" I said as something breathed on my back.
         "What is it now Clarrissa?" Hayden said.
         A figure grabbed me from behind and ran the other way. Hayden ran after me and tried to fight the predator.
       The figure was to fast and set me down near a stump. He tied me up tightly and said.
        "I'll be back."
        As he did that he didn't know I had a knife (Hayden made me keep it so he felt safe about me when he was gone.)
      I cut through the rope and walked up to my attacker.
      “Hey, wait for me. I don’t know these woods.” I exaggerated into his ear like a little girl.
      As he turned around I gripped my dagger and drove it into his heat.
      “Never ever tie me up. I’m a lady not a prisoner!” I spat at him.
      When I was sure he was dead I started calling Hayden with no reply. I started to cry knowing he wouldn’t reply.
      I looked down to see that my tears were golden.
      “What is wrong with me?!” I screamed.
      I jumped up clutching my knife, when something touched my back. I turned slowly to make sure it wasn’t Hayden I’d attack. To my disappointment it was a man with eyes like Hayden’s and creepy sharp teeth.
      “Princess, I was sent to send you to the infernae palace.” The man said.
        “W-who are you? Where am I?”
      He only answered me after he finished telling me that I was the most coordinated fighter brought into the kingdom.
      “I am Dallas and we are in the dark woods.” He explained “May we get out of here?”
      I walked with the knife still clutched in my hand because I have been lied to and manipulated before.

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