Secrets & love

Clarissa is all alone. her parents left her at a young age because she knew something...something other people find weird. She soon meets up with her childhood crush and learns that she's different and he is too. She figures out she is a princess and she must protect both her kingdom and her heart but how can she do that when her most trusted love wants her back. Who will she choose? What will she decide?


2. A princess?

     He was shot.
"Are you okay! Why aren't you stopping! How come you’re not dead?!" I screamed.
“I’m okay. And I'm not going to die."
"But he shot you through the heart."
“I won't die. Don’t worry."
"Yes Claire"
"I missed you."
“I was always there you just never saw me and you don’t know how hard it was not to grab you and run like I am now."
"I know.....but you were supposed to wait until I was twenty to get me. I'm only sixteen.” I said
"There was a complication in the system and they need their queen." He stated
"Queen?!!!!"I asked
“The prince is too weak to rule alone and you’re the most powerful downworlder of the kingdom."
"Who's the prince?"
“Am I the future queen?”

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