1. introduction

Hey I'm Jo Cameron . I'm 17 to 18 in 2 weeks. My BFF is Camile her dad is Scooter brown , Yes Justin Biebers manager . I live in California with my dad , My mom lives in Florida with my stepdad Dave his actually pretty cool I get along very well with him so my mom and dad are divorced . Oh yea my dad has a girl friend Stephanie she is ok but I don't get that we'll with her like Dave . I had a boyfriend till last Friday worst date of my life but whatever I'm not going into details the thing is I got over him right away and right in time for the year to start so we are in agust and I'm happy :(just joking):). SO THE NEWS ARE THAT SCOOTER GAVE CAMILE SOME JUSTIN BIEBER BACK STAGE PASS AND M&G FOR BOTH OF US AND IM FREAKING OUT THIS IS SO FUKING AWSOME

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