Zoey has A hard life, she is 17 and lives alone most of the time. Her mother doesnt care for her and her dad died when she was 3. What happens when she accidently bumps into the famous Niall Horan running from something horrid? How will the Boys react to Mercedes Presence? Will they ALL fall in love with her...or only 3?


1. Meeting

IA/N: sorry guys in the description i put Zoey but its mercedes. Zoey is my next fanfic :/ sorry xD

Mercedes POV
I was pretty normal i guessed.Some guys from school would always hurt me and touch me.What fags.I was dressing for school when i lifted my sleeve revealing 15 yet meaningful scars. Bullies from school would always squeeze my wrists so i would wimper."wow, i cant beleive there is 15 already!" i said to myself. I wasnt ugly, but i wasnt pretty either. i was about 5 feet , had soft long brown hair and brown eyes that turned hazel in the sun. I ran out of the house, trying not to get caught by my 3 main bullies, Joey, Nick, and michael. But they caught me. I started to run from then , when i bumped into someone and fell flat on my bum. "I'M SO SORRY LOVE!!" the guy said. "it's fi-" I looked up, meeting myself with a blonde lad with obvious brown roots frowing out, matched with a beautiful set of soft baby blue eyes that made me melt and- WAIT! i dont even know this person! Was i falling in love? Ew. Noticing i was staring at him for so i long my i got embarresed and my face turned really red. REEEEDDD! 
Nialls POV
i was on my way to Starbucks talking to managment about my solos in "Midnight Memories" When it canem to solos and managment.. i always lost. Fucking Bastards. I wore a hoodie so the girls across the street couldnt recognixe me. I saw a scared girl running towards me 'Shit' i thought. until we bumped and she fell on her bum. "IM SO SORRY LOVE!!" i said. :its Fi-"

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