Soul Connection.

Mac Bennett, a high school graduate, that has never heard of One Direction, suddenly her Mother Claire Bennett is making her date one of them. But why?


1. Chapter 1.

I wake up from my wonderful dream of nothing, but pitch black. It was completely peaceful. Until my twin-brother comes, and rips the blanket of me telling me to get up for school.

Yup, that's how I wake up every morning. It's not the nicest way to get up, but it works for me and my brother.

"Mac, get up, or I'll get a bucket of water and dump it on you," he bribes, I instantly sit up. "Mum and Dad already left for work." I groan and nod my head. My mum and Dad were never close with us, they were to involved with work, to pay attention to us. Me and Drew grew up with a bunch of nannies that we chased away to get our parents attention.

Unfortunately it never worked. They had nanny after nanny lined up ready to take the place of the ones we chased away. I shake away the thoughts, and dress in my fave Black skinny jeans with White V neck shirt that's skin tight. With my Pink Sparkly Converse to add color.

I don't want to do anything with my hair so I put a black beanie on my head, to cover the frizzes.

I add thick layers of mascara and lip gloss. I've always had a grudge against eye liner, cause my mum uses it. Weird reason not to use it right?

"Mac, five minutes till we go to school." Drew yells, pounding on my door.

"Coming D," D is my brothers nickname. Calling my brother Drew all the time gets boring. I grab my school bag, phone, and house keys, before walking down the long hallway, down the stairs and into the kitchen to see my brother talking on his phone with a smile.

He's probably talking to one of his Best Friends that consist of Colton, Dan, and Micheal. My brother is always helping them out, with financial problems, as his friends always say 'You guys have enough money that you can share.'

It's true though, we have a lot of money. My mother is a lawyer, and my Father is a Doctor. My dad wants me to be a doctor and my brother to be a Laywer. Honestly, that's not gonna happen. I want to be a singer, and Drew wants to be a Professional Athlete.

I have myself my own friends Lila, and Toby. They are the best. They never ask for money, considering they have plenty of money themselves. I love them, almost as much as I love my brother.

"Okay," D mutters "Yep, see you soon," he ends the call and puts his iPhone in his back pocket, "ready little sister?"

Drew was born 5 minutes earlier than me, he teases me about it all the time. But he's jealous of my singing ability. So, I tease him about that. It balances out.

"Readier than I'll ever be," I mutter sitting in his red mustang convertible. I have a Jeep convertible, but it's in the shop getting fixed and a new paint job.

Me and my brother are the most popular people in my school, I'm captain of the VolleyBall team, and girls soccer. I don't do cheerleading, I'm not a plastic bitch. Sorry, was that to harsh?

My brother is the captain of the boys soccer team, and basketball team. He's good at what he does, I am too. We made our school number one at sports for our state Pennsylvania. Me and him have gotten numerous amounts of Athletic Scholarship's and Singing Scholarship's.

Of course our parents take them, and rip them up in our faces, I know it breaks my brothers heart, because he started hiding them the scholarships, under his bed, in a lock safe.

I get singing scholarships, but of course our parents rip them up, in front of my face. It hurts to know that your mother and father the ones that are supposed to support you no matter what, don't want you to follow your dreams. So, I started to do what my brother does, I hide all my scholarships in a lock safe under my bed.

"Were here, Mac. Have fun, I'll see you later." He mutters, leaving me alone in the car. I step out of the car, and I'm instantly tackled into a bear hug by Lila.

"Micky!" She squeals, Micky is her nick name for me. When I first met her, she was a new girl, when I introduced myself to her, she thought I said Micky. It stuck, and she has been calling me Micky for the past, 7 years.

"Lil, wheres Tob?" I squeeze her, and pull away to look around. Me and Lila met him 6 years ago. He's gay, but that didn't stop us from being friends with him. He was being picked on my brother and his group of dumb jocks. They don't pick on him much anymore, but Drew does, because Toby has a tiny crush on him.

You see every jock wants to date me and Lila, but they never get the chance. I don't give the boys at our school a chance because, I don't want to have to deal with the fact that I dated him, and I have to see him everday, or even me in groups or partners with them.

I brought Lila into the popular group, she didn't know how to act with all the staring and everything, but she got used to it. My mum calls her my other twin.

"Oh, you know.. He's fan girling over One Direction joining our school." She squeals again sighing dreamily.

"Who's One Direction?" I ask grabbing my school bag, from the car.

"Oh you know, only the hottest boy band, on the face of this earth, but I heard you and me got to show them around," she wiggles her eyebrows, I groan.

"Why have I never heard of this band?" I quirk an eye brow at her, waiting for her to reply.


"Guys, I..Just..Talked-" Toby pauses to catch his breath, "to One Direction." He finishs proud of himself. I stifle my giggle, and pat his back.

"Well done, Bud." I smile, and gives him a hug.

"Congrats buddy. What are they like? Dreamy? Fantastic?" She starts looking off into space.

"OMG, I'm jealous of you bitches. You get to show them around," he states all serious then bursts out laughing, "but I shook there hand and there hands are so smooth," he says sighing like Lila. I roll my eyes, they can't be that bad.

"C'mon, were gonna be late for first period, if we continue to talk about the wonderful One Direction," I reply sarcastically, they roll there eyes walking away whispering to each other.

"Don't worry I'm okay with walking by myself," I yell to them, they turned around and waited for me as I jogged up to the middle of them. It's always me in the middle, Toby and Lila switch places every few days.

We walk into the school, and instantly the chattering stops, and all eyes are on my group. I don't like all the attention sometimes.

Me, Lila, and Toby have lockers beside each other. So we don't have to spilt except for Fifth and Sixth period I don't have it with them. Those are the worst periods of my life. Ugh, we grab our books, and close the door, to our lockers and walk to first period.

We take our normal seats in the middle of the classroom, I pull out my iPhone, and text my mum.

To Mum: Got five new boys in school. There in a band called One Direction? I've never heard of them, but do you mind if I invite them over after school, to get to know them?

From Mum: Sure honey, they are the biggest music hit right now. It would be great if you dated one of them. No pressure, I mean there is a bunch of pressure. Love you, I've got to go. XOXO

I can't believe my mum, right now.

She just told me I had to date one of the new boys? Excuse her, but right now I need to focus on my singing career.

"Micky, what's wrong?" Lila asks staring at the teacher that just walked in with five boys behind her.

"My mu-" Mrs. Gruver cuts me off giving me a glare. I'm not one of her favorite students, even though my parents fund this school.

"Class today we have five new Students, five famous students." She blushes looking over at them, I roll my eyes, how in appropriate of her. Well, I should know she flirts with my brother. I guess that's another reason why she hates me.

"Lila Hopkins, and Mac Bennett will be showing them around. Lila and Mac raise your hands." She glares at us, me and Lila smirk and raise our hands. The boys look over at us, and there eyes widen as they look at us.

I feel my eyes widen too, there damn attractive.

Them curls, and green eyes.

Or that brown quiff, with brown chocolate eyes that are to die for.

Blue eyes, with red suspenders? Cute.

Blonde hair and Blue Eyes? Ehh, it's okay.

And black hair with blonde streak, dark brown eyes. Mmm

"Toby could you please move to the back so that One Direction, to sit by Mac." Mrs. Gruver speaks.

"He will not move, he has been here all year, he's not gonna move for some famous people who decide to move to our school," I pause, standing up "By they way, I don't even know who the band One Direction is." I huff but continue with my speech, "Rat me out I dare you and let's see who funds this school? Who's names are on your paycheck?" I question, "Oh yeah, my parents names. Toby is not moving. Lila and I will show them boys around, but Toby will not move." I finish and sit down, everyone is staring at me, I don't care I'm used to it.

Mrs. Gruver is fuming, good for her. Toby is not moving. He's been here all year, there is only two months left of school.

"Fine," she spits out thru gritted teeth, "The people behind Mac, Lila, and Toby. Move to the back of the room." She spat, glaring at me.

"Glare at me all you want, I could just tell my Mother & Lovely Father." I smirk, as she thinks over her options.

"One Direction, please go sit behind Mac and Lila, and follow along to the notes." She smiles at them, and doesn't look at me at all.

Couple minutes later into the lecture she's giving about flowers. I get a note from the 'One Direction.'

Hey, what's your name? I understand that it's either Mac or Lila. That was pretty awesome what you did for your friend there, Toby is it? I'm not a fan of bullying especially to gay people, or by teachers. Um, so I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with us after school? Xx

I smile at the note, and pass it to Lila. She reads it, and smiles to, she grabs her pen and writes a reply quickly she passes it to me to add my input, or to check it over.

Lila-->Hey, ONE DIRECTION. I'm Lila the brown haired one. Yes, I'm against bullying, too. Mac is the one in the blonde hair, with crazy frizzies under here beanie! Hehe, shh. I'm a major Directioner. Mac has never heard of you. Like she just found that out today.

Mac--> Yes, I'm the famous Mac, that stuck up to her teacher and defended her best friend, Toby. Yes, he is gay. Shhh, I didn't tell you. Yeah, I talked to my famous mother, and she said you guys can come over to my house. Lila and Toby will be there as well. Bring swim suits!! And my address is 227 Malabue Lane! See you later! Xx

I pass the note back to them, I hear them whisper to each other, I look out of the corner of my eye, to see them smiling and looking forward to the end of today.

I showed the boys around and I have every class with at least one of them.

(End of the Day)

I'm leaning on my brothers car as I wait for him to come out of the car, so I can go home.

Micheal comes stomping out of the school towards me. Uh-Oh, this isn't good. Where's my brother? I frown and pretend I'm calling someone.

He comes over to me, grabs my phone and drops it inside the car. So, much for pretending to call someone. I look up at him, and instantly regret it.

He grabs my arms, and pushes me against the car. He starts nibbling at my ear lobe. I whimper, "Shut up," he growls "your brother doesn't want to help me out with my financial problems."

"Micheal, it's not our fault. Our allowance have been cut short. You don't like it talk to my Mother & Father." I lightly say, shivering as he kisses my neck.

"Micheal! Get the hell off my sister, before I ruin your athletic career," Drew growls, walking over to us and pulling Micheal off me.

"What can't have a little fun?," he smirks at me, I coward behind Drew.

I grab Drew's arm, and lead him to the car.

"So, little sister. What did you do to Mrs. Gruver so that she won't even flirt with me anymore?" he smirks giving me a knowing glance, once we pull onto the rode.

Me and Drew know not to talk about these things, cause it's happened before. I'm not gonna talk about that.

I instantly scowl as I recall her class.

"She was gonna make Toby, move. For them One Direction boys. Which are coming over today, with Lila and Toby. Lila can tell you the details." I giggle, I know Toby likes Lila. It's so adorable, I've talked to her about liking him, and she does but she's afraid to get hurt.

"You better of not, have told her about that, Mac. Or I will hurt you," he jokes, laughing.

"When do I get my jeep back?" I huff, I really miss my jeep.

"I talked to the automotive person today, I'll drop you off there and you can pick it up. Okay?" I nod my head eagerly.

"How do you feel about the One Direction boys?" I ask looking over at him, he sighs concentrating.

"Well, I haven't met them, I bet we could be good friends." He taps his hands on the steering wheel we finally make it to the automotive shop, I squeal excited to see, my baby.

"I'll see you at home, sista." He laughs, and reverses out of the the parking lot and speeds off towards our house.

I walk in the door, I'm instantly greeted with the smell of oil and gas.

"Hello, Mrs. Bennett, your here for you jeep?" The receptionist asks, tapping away on the key board.

"It's Mac. Mrs. Bennett is my mother." I shiver "and yes I'm here for my baby." I smile at the thought of me seeing my jeep.

"Okay, Mac." She says cautiously. "Here's your keys, your jeep is out back, ready to be token home." She smiles warmly, at me. I smile back at her, and walk out the door to the back of the shop, to my jeep.

I walk around and see my newly painted Red jeep. I squeal and run over to my baby, I hop in and put the key in the ignition and start it. It roars to life, I once again squeal in delight as I back out of the parking lot and drive off to my house.

As I'm driving down the road, maybe I should stop at the grocery store, and get some food for a beach party. Hmm, I wonder what time Mum and Dad are coming home. Normally, they come home at one in the morning, so I don't suspect they'll crash the party.

I need to talk to Lila about what my mother said. I'm still disturbed by that. I mean seriously, you just gonna shove your daughter to date some random stranger?

I pull into the grocery store parking lot, as I get out and lock my jeep doors I hear my name being called. I look over my shoulder, to see One of the Direction boys. I've got to learn there names!

"Oh hey.. Um?" How embarrassing I don't know there names.

"My name is Louis Tomlinson, the boys and I don't know where you live could you tell me now?"

"You know the rich neighbor hood, I live at the biggest house in that area," I look my door, and look at him.

"Okay, see you later. Do me and the boys need to bring anything?" He questions tapping away on his phone.

"Nahh, I got it covered. See you later," I walk away into the store, I walk down the junk food isle searching for marshmallows.

I grab some Oreos, Marshmallows, Pop, Chips Ahoy, Milk, Chips, and Candy of all kinds. I put them up, on the conveyer belt. As she finally checks the last item.

"The total is $20.47, ma'am," she fake smiles at me. I fake smile back and hand her the amount. "Come again."

I run out to my jeep, and stuff the grocery backs in the back, and speed off to my house, once again.

I pull into the drive way, to see my brothers car, Lila's car, and Toby's car. Glad to see there already here. I grab the grocery bags, and walk up to the door and swing it wide open.

"I'm home!" I yell thru the large oversized house. Mansion more like it.

"Micky, what took you so long?" Lil asks walking from the living room, to the kitchen. I pulled the bags up, so she could see. "What are you doing, hosting a party?"

"What kind of person would invite people over, and not offer them food?" I set the bags down, on the counter and run up the stairs to my room. "Coming Lil?" She comes running up the stairs, past me into my bedroom.

"Tell me," she pauses "what was wrong first period today?" She jumps on my bed getting comfy.

"I told my mum that One Direction joined our school," I explain while rummaging thru my closet for my bikini. Thank god, I have a heated pool. "She told me to date one of them," I exclaim pulling out my black bikini.

"That's fucking ridiculous," she throws her hands in the air, staring at me in shock.

"I know," I sigh "Do you need a bikini to use?" I don't really want to talk about this anymore.

"Yes ple-" I cut her off by throwing the bikini in her face. She scowls, running to my brothers room to change.

Me and brothers room is connected by a door, she always changes in there.

I quickly change into my bikini and throw my blonde hair in a ponytail, I wrap a towel around me, and walk down stairs, to put all the food in bowls.

Just as I put the rest of the candy in a bowl, the door bell rings.

"I got it!" I yell, to my brother and the rest of the house.

I open the door, to see One Direction smiling, at me.

"Come in, there's food on the table, I'm gonna have Drew grill hot dogs, and hamburgers." I open the door, wider for them to walk in. "I don't know your names."

"Fooddd," the blonde one moans digging into the chips.

"That's Niall. He's gonna marry food someday," the curly headed one chuckled, "I'm Harry by the way."

"Wait your gonna have to wait for my brother, so you don't have to repeat the names," I pause, "Drew, get your ass out here, to meet our guests." I yell down the hall.

"God Mac, you can be very annoying," he walks out the living room with his Xbox headset on.

"And you can be annoying to," I retort "but you need to get off your athletic ass, and meet our guests like I said before." God Drew makes me so angry sometimes.

"Fine," he huffs, and looks from me to them. "I'm Drew, Mac's twin brother." He glares at me, but smiles at them.

They look from me, to my brother.

"Hi, I'm Harry. Niall is the one over there stuffing his face. Zayn is the one looking in the portable mirror, and Louis is that one." He points at the one teasing Niall about eating the last chip. "And that's Liam," he points to the boy walking in the door, he has them amazing brown eyes, that are to die for.

"Lila!" D yells, I roll my eyes, Drew is always unfair to Toby. I'm about to punch him.

"Drew, you've got to yell for Toby to that's not fair," He huffs, before glaring at me.

"Toby, Lila, come to the kitchen." He yells.

"God dammit Drew, your always yelling for me," she pauses "your perverted." She laughs walking in, her eyes wideninstantly stops. "Why?! I just embarrassed my self infront of Five Sex Gods," she groans. I laugh, Sex Gods really?

"Hello, love." Louis starts, out of the corner of my eye, I can see Drew getting jealous. I give Louis a warning glance. He nods, and stops talking.

"Drew your gonna grill Hot Dogs, and Hamburgers, while we swim, follow me boys and girls. Toby are you coming swimming?"

"I'll be down, in a bit." he yells from somewhere, in the mansion.

"Okay, c'mon boys. Lets swim."

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