His one and Only (Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Since Abused got reported for some unknown reason. I decided to start a new Movella. With a different plot :)


4. Chapter 4

Haylee's POV

"Where are you staying?" I hear Niall ask as I'm getting off their tour bus to take a taxi to our hotel. 

Well... um.. We're staying... oh where's my friend I came with?" I was so into playing FIFA with Louis I totally lost track of Sam.

"She's with Harry asleep. She's fine. So you were answering my question." He says as he's standing on the second to last step of the tour bus leaning against the door awaiting my answer.

"We're staying at Hotel Nemo (No Idea if its real made it up) well.. actually I guess I'll be staying there alone now." I say with a chuckle as I start to head to the corner to get a taxi.

"Why don't you stay here? We have an extra bed. That way Sam won't freak out if you're not here." He says with hope in his eyes.

"Oh trust me. When she wakes up I'll be the last thing on her mind. I'm pretty sure she will hyperventilate when she sees a sleeping Harry next to her." I say with a chuckle. Even though inside I am fan grilling because I am talking to my future husband!

"And I'm sure if I sleep in your tour bus that Louis will want to play FIFA all night till he beats me." I say seeing Louis sitting on the couch glancing at Niall every once in a while.

"But I guess I can to make sure Sam is okay." I say as I head past Niall into the room where Louis is now watching TV. 

"You're staying with us?" Louis asks me about to grab the controls so we can play FIFA again.

"Yes she is Lou. But she wants to sleep so no more FIFA!" Niall says glaring at Louis.I instantly see Louis look down at the floor sad that Niall just shot him down.
"Don't worry Princess. I'll play with you tomorrow." I say in a voice that someone would use to talk to a little kid. Earning Louis to look up at me with anger boiling in his eyes again.

"Deal!" He says turning off the TV and heading into his bunk.

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