His one and Only (Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Since Abused got reported for some unknown reason. I decided to start a new Movella. With a different plot :)


3. Chapter 3

Haylee's POV

As soon as that match was over. Louis Yelled "REMATCH!" I could see fire burning in his eyes. And it was telling me that he wouldn't stop unless he beat me.

"Best 2 out of 3?" I ask him raising my eyebrow at him. I quickly glance at the irish boy who is now staring at me with lust and another emotion in his bright blue green eyes. 

"Deal!" He yells as he starts another game. 

Around 2AM (landed in Dublin)

I yawn dropping my controller on the couch next to me. I just beat Louis. Again. I look at Louis and he has pure anger in his eyes. 

"I'm done. I'm going to bed." I start to head out of the boys tour bus when Louis grabs my wrist and pulls me back to him. 

"We aren't done Princess." I gulp hearing the venom behind his words.

"Aww. Is Louis Tomlinson upset that he just got his ass beat by a girl not once but oh how many times.. 3.. no 4 times?"  I hear Niall try to hide his laugh threatening to leave  his mouth. Louis sends him a death glare making him shut his mouth. 

"Rematch tomorrow." He growls at me his eyes growing darker with rage.

"Sorry Princess I only play somebody once and you already met my limit." I say as I place my hand on his cheek. Knowing full well I'm just adding lighting fluid to the boy that is Louis Tomlinson. He pulls his head away from me "Aww don't be like that princess, there are plenty off fish in the sea." I say with a chuckle. 


Sorry I had to make Haylee a tad bit sassy when dealing with Lousi. Don't worry Naylee(I made it up) will be coming soon :)

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