His one and Only (Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Since Abused got reported for some unknown reason. I decided to start a new Movella. With a different plot :)


2. Chapter 2

Haylee's POV

We arrive at the airport and of course sercurity takes forever. When we had planned enoughtime to make it to our flight eat and relax. Which did not happen. We had to high tail it to our gate.

"Gate B12 gate is closing in 5 minutes" A ladies voice on the PA said.

"Shit! I know your not athletic Hayls but we gotta run!" Sam says to me as she's a good five feet in front of me. Of course being the person she is doesn't look where she's going and she runs into someone.

"Sorry..." She says and her mouth is almost to the floor. I stop behind her hands on my knees. Trying to catch my breath. After about 10 seconds of me wheezing like a nerd. I look up and see Sam with her mouth open. 

"Close your mouth or you're going to catch" flies." I kid with her and she looks at me and closes her mouth. I chuckle at her "Eat Shit And Die" look she gives me. And I look up and see green eyes and dimples looking at me.

Wait a second thats Harry Styles. Play it cool Hayls.

"You look familiar?" I say to him. He looks taken back for a second. 

"I'm Harry Styles." He says as he reaches his hand out for me to shake. I just nod at him and shake his hand.

"Shit. Sam we're going to miss our flight!" I yell at my best friend.

"where you headed?" He asks me in a curious tone.

"Dublin. Our parents bought us concert tickets to see a band." I say smiling happy with myself that I didn't say that we are going to see the band that he's in.

"So am I. Well.. my friends and I are. Would you like to fly with us? We have a private jet."
"YES!" Sam yells before I have time to answer. 
"Sweet. Follow me." He says as he turns around and leads us to gate B13. Which is only for private jets. The stuardess smiles at Harry and gives us an evil glare. 

We head into the gate where this huge private jet is. Harry opens the door for us and bows down "After you Mayladies." He says in a posh accent. As soon as we are out of his range of hearing.

"We are going to fly with One Fucking Direction." Sam whisper yells at me. I could tell she was about to lose it.

"Just keep it cool Sam." I whisper back to her as I feel an arm snake around my waist. Knowing full well that it was Harry.

"So. How old are you guys?" He asks both of us.

"18" Sam replies.

"I'll be 20 in 2 days" I say back with a smile playing on my lips.

"Well, Happy Early Birthday Haylee." Harry says with his adorable dimpled grin. I smile back and say "Thank You."
We then enter the private jet where Louis Liam and Niall are all playing FIFA. 2014. I run over to the TV and stand there with my mouth open.
"THIS ISN'T EVEN OUT YET!" I say to them with my eyes as wide as saucers.

"Thats what happens when your famous, Love." Louis says watching me with humor in his blue eyes.

"And may I ask who are you?" He asks getting up off the couch.

"Haylee Smith. And the girl over there that is hyperventilating is my best friend Sam." I say to the brown haired boy. Who looks over at Sam and I swear as soon as she does so she faints. Luck for her Harry was standing right behind her. "Yeah, she's a huge fan. While I'm just here for the ride." I lie to Louis hoping he wouldn't see through it. I've been told I'm a horrible liar. 

"So, you're not a fan?" He asks as he cocks his head to the side like a confused dog. 

"Nope." I said popping the "p" Louis looks like he isn't buying it. Lucky for me he brushes it off and heads back to the couch. Handing me the controller that Liam had.

"Want to play the master?" He asks raising a brow at me.

"Oh. We'll see about that!" I say back in a growl. I have beaten all of my friends at FIFA '13. And they all "claim" to be the best. 

After about half an hour of playing Louis I win. He looks at me with his mouth agape.

"How did you do that?!?" He asks/ yells at me in pure shock. 

" A Master never tells their secrets, Young Grasshoper" I tell him knowing that I probably just made him more mad. Niall is sitting on the other side of Louis staring at me with adoration in his eyes. 



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