His one and Only (Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Since Abused got reported for some unknown reason. I decided to start a new Movella. With a different plot :)


1. Chapter 1

My name is Haylee Lynn. I am 19 years old and I am head over heels with Niall Horan from One Direction. But heres the thing he has no idea I'm alive. I live in a small town in England. So small that nobody knows its name. 


I wake up to my best friend Sam jumping up and down on my bed. For her birthday as well as my 20th birthday. Her parents as well as my parents have bought us front row seats to see One Direction in Dublin, Ireland on the 24th of December. 

"UGH! Get off!" I mumble to Sam as she continues to jump ontop of me. 

"NO! Its 1D day!" She yells at the top of my lungs. She's lucky my parents knew that she would do this or else they would have came in here by now, and told her to shut it!

"No. Its the day we head to Ireland." I say back to her starting to get annoyed.

"Our flight leaves in 1 1/2 hours,Haylee! And we want to get to Dublin in time to stalk my future husband. And don't forget about Niall!" She knows that I am in love with the Irish Lad. Like, I know what I'm going to name our future kids. 

"Fine!" I say and push her off of my bed and onto my floor. Luckily, I have a shag carpet so she didn't get hurt. 

I go into my ensuite bathroom and jump into the shower. After I take a 10 minute shower I go into my closet and pick out my Victoria Secret Yoga pants, a Irish flag tank top and my converse high tops. 

Sam is already ready and is having trouble standing still.

"Let's go!"  I yell luckily the shower has waken me up.

"YES!" She yells as she starts to head downstairs where my dad is drinking his morning coffee at 4AM. Yes, our flight leaves 5AM. Don't judge.

"Ready girls?" He asks knowing that Sam will yell a response he covers his ears.

"YES!" She yells as she heads to my dad's range rover.


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