the teenage boy

hey iam a boy named justin drew bieber but you can call me drew iam your typical bad boy but i lokking for thr write girl....... read this story to find out more(:


3. YES!!!!

AIRANAS POV.... omg i cant believe that i just got done talking to Justin Bieber omg its even hotter without his shirt on poor baby was sweating to death he works realty hard in what   he does he must be warn out at the end of the day justin: hey so do you want to go and get some coffee or something  Airana: sure when maybe this wensday?

  justin: yah sure how about at 5:00pm        airana: yes i would love too. Justin: YES!! finally i got the nerves to ask her on a date.            i whispered to myself.   Airana pov..... YES he asked me on date i was so nervous i thought he was going to think iam weird or something iam soo lucky.

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