the teenage boy

hey iam a boy named justin drew bieber but you can call me drew iam your typical bad boy but i lokking for thr write girl....... read this story to find out more(:


5. time for the date

so i answered the door Justin came in and gave me flowers thank you said airana your welcome pretty girl.    by the time he said that i was blushing and my cheeks were rosy red almost the same color as my roses he gave me lol. so it was five and we went into his car and he opened the door for me like a good gentlemen should i cant Believe that he pens car doors people say that hes a bad boy so does he but i don't see it like at all so when are at the cafe and we order our drinks and talks about how fun tour was and went on and on. justin: so i was wondering if maybe you could be my girlfriend.....                         



see what happens next need more readers i want update till then LOVE YA XOXO

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