the teenage boy

hey iam a boy named justin drew bieber but you can call me drew iam your typical bad boy but i lokking for thr write girl....... read this story to find out more(:


7. the text

so it was like 9:00 so then i got a text and it was from justin my phone started going off justins text said : hey babe hope you sleep well tonight by the time i got the text i blushed and wrote back to him 

and said: hope you do too (;   then after that i was thinking about the date and evreything was perfect

on our date i hope we have another date so i went to take a shower and get ready for bed dang was i tired and warn out of my day all that i could think about was him asking me to be his girlfriend and he taking me out and doing all this stuff for me then i got a knock on my door it was Frankie j grende

my awesome brother so i go to the door and open it airana:hi frankie   frankie: hey so whats goin on do you love living by yourself now that your 18 airana: dude iam 19 so what do you want frankie

frankie: i was just wondering what your up too airana: o then nothing  frankie: okay i am going now

airana: o okay bye see ya frankie: k bye

he left and so i hoped into bed and went to sleep

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