the teenage boy

hey iam a boy named justin drew bieber but you can call me drew iam your typical bad boy but i lokking for thr write girl....... read this story to find out more(:


8. chapter 8

;so i woke up to my annoying alarm going off i hoped out of bed toke a shower got dressed and wore

a crop top and a pear of jeans and went into the kitchen to get something for breakfast   and got just captain crunch and got a call from justin and my phone started going of and crazy and so pick it up and answer justin Justin: hey baby airana: hey cutie justin: so any plans airana: nope not at all justin:

want to hang out with me at lets say your house airana: yeah umm sure justin: i will be over in 10 mins

Justin:bye babe airana: bye jay.                                      Justin pov....... so i got there to airanas house and knocked she answered i had roses in my hands and walked in and saw how cute she was 

airana justin: so here you go shawty  airana:thank you your so sweet justin Justin: anytime for you cutie      she was blushing her cheeks were bright pink and she smiled and looked dowm and her dimples were showing shes just so cute Airana: so what do you want to do... Justin: umm do you want to watch a movie airana: what movie do you want to watch the conjuring baby? Justin: yeah we could cuddle airana: yah i would love that Justin:okay umm i will put the disk in for you

so we cuddled on her couch and she fell asleep in my arms shes so cute so i kissed her forhead and went to sleep                                 i finnaly UPDATED  SORRY STUPID SCHOOL


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