the teenage boy

hey iam a boy named justin drew bieber but you can call me drew iam your typical bad boy but i lokking for thr write girl....... read this story to find out more(:


6. absoultly

AIRANAS POV.....  o many things were going through out my mind i will just give him a chance

airana: yes absolutely                      o kissed his cheek and he pulled me into a hug i tight hug and he kissed me it was like sparks where surrounding us everywhere and so we just started talking about dancing and stuff he held my hand tight while we were on our date it was so sweet of him to do this he makes me feel wonderful and safe        *2 hours later*   we left and we got into his car and it was like 7:45 and he put music on we were singing and it was so funny. pretty brown eyes by Cody Simpson was playing and all the time i would say pretty brown eyes he would point at me when the song ended he kissed my cheek my the time he did that  i was already home he opened the car door open for me and walks me inside  justin: hey umm can i get you number airana: yah here it is

he swoops phones with me and i put in my number and he had to go airana: bye justy 

justin: bye cutie

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