You'll Never Know Her (A Skins FanFiction)

"You left me, Effy." Freddie whispered as he looked up at me. I bite my lip, fighting the tears back. "I know but Fred-" he puts his hand to cut me off. "Don't. I'm done with you head fucking me all the time. We are done Effy. Goodbye, forever." Freddie then get's up and walks away. I hear the door slam shut, my mind goes blank, and I just cry.


1. Meet Effy

Hello there, I'm Elizabeth, Elizabeth Stonem.
I tend to go by Effy and I prefer that, so I would be pleased if you called me that.
I'm from Bristol, the boring old town in England.
I hate it here.
Simple as that, my brother left for Uni and now I'm here alone.
I have a mum and a dad like every other child.
But, one thing, my mum is fucking my dad's boss and he just doesn't know it.
I caught them one day. 
I rarely ever speak, I speak more now.
When I was younger, I was totally silent.
I even went to a therapist for it.
I party a lot.
Drinking. Drugs. Smoking. Sex.
All mean nothing to me but to fuck me up and that's what I want.
I have one friend who truly knows me, Pandora.
All of my other friends ditched me, ever since I left Bristol over the summer.
I sort of shattered someone's heart.
His name is Freddie.
He was once the love of my life.
Then I left, without saying anything.
So now I'm hated by all of my old friends but one.

Oh well, that's life. 

Welcome to reality, Effy.

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