Being Apollos Daughter

Hi I'm Alectra daughter of Apollo I'm one of the most talented half-bloods in the camp I'm a nine year old camp resident an I live in camp half blood now read this movella to find out more


2. Runaway?

I ran away. The reason , my mom told me my dad is or was Apollo. Is she freaking crazy I-I-I can't be! We just studied Greek mythology at school . But I'm really talented in the arts, could I be his daughter? I just need to get away from crazy people, but their everywhere ! So decided to pray to my dad , he answered say " ô hárma diabolês" so I did and I translated it to " Stop, chariot of damnation " and a gray smokey taxi pulled up " the one in the middle said "Oh a daughter of Apollo ! Free of charge young one I noticed another girl in there , I asked her name 'Clarisse ' was her name I could already tell she was mean. When we got to our destination a man no a centaur was at this giant pine tree .

"Welcome to camp half blood "

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