Being Apollos Daughter

Hi I'm Alectra daughter of Apollo I'm one of the most talented half-bloods in the camp I'm a nine year old camp resident an I live in camp half blood now read this movella to find out more


1. hello I'm Alectra

It all started before I was born ... That sounds super corny well I assume you want to know why. My mom met a guy ran away when my mom got pregnant . Yep my dad ran out on us. My name is Alectra Amaris. Weird right? My mom said that she doesn't know how but my dad knew she was pregnant without her telling him and he left her some names . I guess Alectra stood out , for some reason they were all Greek names. My mom recently married a guy he's nice but his kids hate me I think I should tell you how old I am . I'm 9 years old . I am really not wanted here and I'm bullied I wish my dad didn't run out on me because I need him. I don't think he knows how much. The thing is someone or something is trying to kill me

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