first shirtless sight

Dylan o'brien


1. "stiles"

“y/n I think I’m in love with you” stiles said, his face turned a bright red as I grew a smile and began to blush. He grabbed my pink sheets from my bed and hid under them. I chased after him. “No!!! I’m still naked” he yelled. “Me too stiles.” I said “Ya but that’s a good thing” he said smiling. “Oh really, and what if I thought you were sexier.” “Pssh… that’s you!!!.” He smiled, and I started to laugh. “Ohh gosh what am I going to do with you stiles” I asked. “You can do this…” he leaned on top of me, under the covers, and kissed me softly and sweet.



…2 years earlier…

It was raining in Britain that day. We had to run home from school in fact. I remember it all, like some horrible nightmare. Walking into the house and finding my mom sitting at the table bawling her eyes out. I stepped over to comfort her and see what happened. That’s when I saw the letter; it was my dad’s hand writing. I picked it up and started to read.

 Dear, (y/n and moms name)

I’m not coming back… I took what I needed and I’m leaving for good. Ha I already left. I left the money in the savings jar. It well help you two.

I read the last line as tears rolled down my cheeks. I grabbed my mom and hugged her.  She grabbed the letter and tor it up into little pieces, and raced to her room.

It took about a month for mom to figure it out.  She said something about starting new and fresh, and that it was final. She already put the down payment and we were leaving in 2 days.



 WELCOME TO LOS ANGLES, CALIFORNIA… 5,456 miles away from home…

We pulled up to a shiny brick house with the little bushes in the front and a sidewalk. It was pretty big, 2 stories at least, for only 2 people… great. I jumped out the car and started to help the movers with some boxes. I grabbed a lighter one and started up to the house. I walked into the living room and looked around. Light brown walls and no furniture.

It took the movers about another 2 hours to unload all our stuff. And then for 500$ they left with everything we owned in the middle of our new leaving room. My mom took me on her own little tour, she showed me my room, my bathroom, my guest room, and my game room, pretty much everything was mine upstairs.  “Mom, why did you get such a big house for only 2 people?” I asked while sitting on a couple of big boxes. “Bigger is better, sweetheart” typical mom. I grabbed some of my boxes and walked up to my room. I set them down on the floor and started to go down for some more when I saw something in the window. A boy, in the house across from ours, he shoved off his shirt and reveled his amazing 6 pack.  He turned around and I looked away as fast as I could. I could tell he was looking at me. I looked back at the window and there he was smiling at me. I smiled and started to blush. He lifted a finger to wait. I smiled but was confused. He grabbed a pen and paper and started writing. “Did you move in?” he put the sign by my window. Our houses were only about 5 ft. apart. I shook my head yes. He smiled and wrote again. “Can I come meet you?” I laughed; this kid is weird I thought. He ran away, and 5min. later he was knocking on the door. “Hi my names stiles”

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