The dancer (Justin Bieber fanfic)

Cassidy is a 15 year old aspiring dancer from Canada, whose dream has always been to perform on stage. One day her dance academy has the opportunity to give some of the pupils a chance to audition to be one of Justin Biebers dancers on tour. Will this finally be the chance for Cassidy to perform on stage?

(This is my first movella so sorry if it isn't the best c: )


1. The surprise

Cassidy's P.O.V


*And I'm so sick of love songs

So tired of tears

So done with wishing you were still here* my phone alarm played. After several minutes of lying in bed, I decided it was finally time to get up. As I trudged over to my small bathroom I saw my brother Tommy peacefully asleep in his room. He was always annoying in the mornings, so it was great to see him asleep. After I finished getting washed, I changed into my dance clothes. This consisted of a crop top, leggings and pumps. I spent about 25 hours a week at dance always trying to improve and continue learning. Dance was one of my passions, it was practically my life. I quickly threw my hair into a messy bun and applied a little make up, before I made my way downstairs to find my mum waiting patiently in the kitchen to drop me off at dance.


Once I arrived at dance I was greeted by my best friends Skylar and Madison. We met on my first day at the dance academy and since then we've done everything together. Once we finally got to class, our teacher Mrs Smith told us she had some very exciting news. Many of my friends were whispering at what they thought the 'surprise' could be.

"Maybe it's a show" Alana squeaked.

"No we did one of them last month" Martha protested.

"Maybe its new dance routines" Madison suggested.

"It's probably nothing that important" I added a bit uninterested, as I just wanted the class to begin.

"Quiet down class." Mrs Smith begun, "today I am proud to announce that each one of you have chance to audition to be a backup dancer on Justin Bieber's My World Tour."


My eyes shot up as soon as I heard those words; maybe it was finally my chance to shine. Maybe I could finally live my dream of performing on stage . Excitement filled the room as it began to sink in that we had a chance to go on tour with the one and only Justin Bieber.


*Later that day*

Since we found out the news everyone has been rehearsing incredibly hard. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and everyone is well aware of that. We've all had to create our own original dance. The managers of the tour want to see if we are good at choreography as well as dancing. We have exactly 4 days until the audition which isn't long, but if I want the job I will need to rehearse nonstop and ensure my dance is perfect. Unfortunately for us there are only 5 positions available, meaning over 20 of us will be disappointed with the result. There are many amazing dancers here. The chance of me getting through is nearly impossible, but I’ll just have to wait and see how the auditions go...

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