The dancer (Justin Bieber fanfic)

Cassidy is a 15 year old aspiring dancer from Canada, whose dream has always been to perform on stage. One day her dance academy has the opportunity to give some of the pupils a chance to audition to be one of Justin Biebers dancers on tour. Will this finally be the chance for Cassidy to perform on stage?

(This is my first movella so sorry if it isn't the best c: )


4. The results

"Okay guys, you've all done well and should be incredibly proud" Scooter stated before continuing. "However we only have the opportunity to give 5 of you the job."


My hands became sweaty as I heard them several words escape Scooters lips. Was I going to get to final live my dream? I looked at Madison nervously and she grabbed my hand for support. We both took a deep breath before Scooter read out the numbers and names of who got through.


"If I read your number and name I'd like you to step forward... 102, Zac Barnes." He paused for a while as he waited for Zac to step forward. Once Zac stepped forward he continued.


"68, Madison Fare." Maddie rapidly stepped forward. A smile grew on my face Maddie was a great dancer and definitely deserved this. I was so happy for my best friend she will finally get the chance to showcase her amazing talent. Now we just had to find out if Skylar and I got through as well.


"Next number is 45, Leoni Gilbert." Leoni staggered forward in disbelief, you could tell by the look on her face she was bewildered.


"9, Skylar Johnson." Skylar instantly smile and mouthed good luck to me. I was incredibly happy for her too! Now there was one spot left and chance of me getting through was slim. I began to look bit my lip and look at the ground as I already figured I wouldn't be going on tour.


"And last but not least, 3 Cassidy Monroe."  I looked up astonished; did he really just say my name? "


"I am sorry for anyone who didn't get through, you are all amazingly talented and should keep up what you're doing." Scooter finished and everyone except Leoni, Zac, Skylar, Maddie and I left the hall.


Scooter came up to us with a warming smile; he was probably one of the nicest men I've ever met.


"Guy's I'm happy to welcome you to team Bieber and I hope you will enjoy this tour as much as i do. Oh and Cassidy don't look at me like that, you know your audition was breath taking." I just nodded; I was still completely lost for words. Maddie and Skylar hugged me, we were all nearly in tears, this was finally it, and it was finally time for us to live our dream together.

"We're going on tour baby" Skylar shrieked. Maddie and I just looked at each other and laughed.


"Yeah we're going on tour." I whispered trying to convince myself that this was actually happening.

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