The dancer (Justin Bieber fanfic)

Cassidy is a 15 year old aspiring dancer from Canada, whose dream has always been to perform on stage. One day her dance academy has the opportunity to give some of the pupils a chance to audition to be one of Justin Biebers dancers on tour. Will this finally be the chance for Cassidy to perform on stage?

(This is my first movella so sorry if it isn't the best c: )


6. Meeting Justin...

I was woken up by a gentle light tap of my shoulder; I fluttered my eyes open to see Maddie and Skylar towering over me. "Let me rest" I moaned before throwing a pillow at them. They knew I hated to be woken up.


"Hurry up lazy pants" Skylar teased.


"We're going to meet Justin." Maddie added.


After several minutes of lying down debating whether it would be a good idea to get up or not, I finally got up. I grabbed my jacket before exiting the bus and making my way to the venue. As I unlocked the venue doors all eyes landed on me.


"Sorry guys, I just had to get my jacket." I said smiling.


"You were sleeping actually" Skylar muttered, I gave her a glare to indicate she needed to shut up. She just rolled her eyes before smirking at me; she may be one of my best friends but she can be so irritating sometimes.


"It's okay, I was just telling the guys that Justin will be here soon and we will need to start rehearsing." Scooter responded.


I smiled and nodded before sitting down next to Zac and Maddie.


*30 minutes later*


In the middle of rehearsal the venue door slammed open and a boy wearing a black hoodie that covered his face walked in. "Ah Justin I see you made it." Scooter smiled.


"Yeah, well I didn't have much choice." Justin spat.


I was completely shocked by his attitude. I get fame can get to people's heads but this was a whole new level he didn't even have respect for his manager. Maddie looked at me giving me a questioning look. I think she was just as shocked as i was, I just shrugged. Maybe he was just tired or wasn't having the best day.  


I decided to go up to him and introduce myself. "Hi I'm Cassidy." I smiled; he just glared at me before walking away.


I have a feeling Justin and I aren't gonna be the best of friends....

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