The dancer (Justin Bieber fanfic)

Cassidy is a 15 year old aspiring dancer from Canada, whose dream has always been to perform on stage. One day her dance academy has the opportunity to give some of the pupils a chance to audition to be one of Justin Biebers dancers on tour. Will this finally be the chance for Cassidy to perform on stage?

(This is my first movella so sorry if it isn't the best c: )


7. Justin's Issues

Cassidy's POV

"Did he really just do that?" Skylar asked in shock.

"Yep" I replied. I was just as shocked as Skylar, I thought magazine blew things out of proportion... Clearly not when it came to him.

Scooter scurried over to us "I'm sorry for Justin's attitude he's been like this for a while. He's been having some issues lately; don't take anything he says to heart."

Skylar, Maddie and I just nodded, before returning to the stage to continue rehearsing.

Throughout rehearsals my thoughts kept going to Justin. What 'issues' could he possibly have? His life seems great to me, he gets to travel the world doing something he loves whilst having millions of people who support him. I wish I could have what he haves and I'm sure a lot of other people do too.


Justin's POV

I know I shouldn't have been rude to that Cassidy girl; she seemed really nice, but I keep thinking people only want to be friends with me because I'm famous. I never know who my real friends are anymore and it sucks. People either use me for fame or for money. I don't think I'll ever know if people truly like me for me and it's driving me insane. Most the people I used to hang with ending up backstabbing me so now I try to stay distant from people; if I don't interact I can't get hurt. The only people that have stayed by my side throughout my life are my parents and Ryan and Chaz and I'm grateful for that; they always know how to make me feel better. 

As I was thinking I heard a loud crash. My eyes shot up in an instant and I saw Cassidy had fell over. I had this urge to run over and see if she was okay but my mind kept telling me *people will just backstab you* *people only use you for fame* *people only want your money*. So I just sat back in my chair and scrolled through my phone pretending I didn't witness anything that just happened. I felt some sort of regret in the pit of my stomach after I didn't help her, but I shook it off. Cassidy seemed to be a nice person but I have trust issues and I don't think I can go through more people using me. As I looked back over in Cassidy's direction she made eye contact with me, I quickly turned my focus back to my phone. 

*2 hours later*

The last 2 hours have been hell, there's nothing worse than sitting alone watching people rehearse. Ryan and Chaz aren't coming for another two days so it seems like I'm going to be alone a lot until they arrive. I do have Fredo whilst they aren't here, but he's usually busy. I'm probably going to be stuck on the tour bus majority of the time...Great. I love travelling and all but sometimes it's tiring. It can be pretty boring stuck in a large tour bus for almost 2 days.


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