The dancer (Justin Bieber fanfic)

Cassidy is a 15 year old aspiring dancer from Canada, whose dream has always been to perform on stage. One day her dance academy has the opportunity to give some of the pupils a chance to audition to be one of Justin Biebers dancers on tour. Will this finally be the chance for Cassidy to perform on stage?

(This is my first movella so sorry if it isn't the best c: )


2. Before the audition

Cassidy's P.O.V


*4 days later*


Today is the day of the audition, the time has flown by. Madison, Skylar and I have been rehearsing before, after and even sometimes during school. We all have been supporting each other and helping perfect each other’s performances. As much as I want this job, I also want Madison and Skylar to succeed as well. We've always done everything together and I want us to experience this together.


The auditions start at 11:30 am, but Madison, Skylar and I are going to arrive a couple of hours early to practice our dances. After an hour and a half of rehearsing it is finally time for the audition. We all quickly made our way into the main dance hall, where the audition would be taking place. We were each given a number sticker to be placed on our tops and told were told to wait outside until our number was called.


Skylar was the first to audition and by the look on her face, you could tell she did well. Skylar was always the humble type and never tried to brag. She just smiled happily to Madison and me and said "it isn't even hard and the guys in there seem super cool and chilled out. Just imagine it’s a normal dance class." Personally I think Skylar told us that to make us not nervous about the audition; however it still didn't make me feel any better. As I was sitting down waiting patiently for my number to be called, the nerves began to grow. Thoughts kept flying through my mind. "Can I really do this?" "Am I a good enough dancer?" "Will they like my audition?” As I was in deep thought I didn't realise my number was called. Madison nudged me and whispered "Cass that’s you." My throat became dry and I nodded slowly, I quickly stood up and made my way inside the hall.

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