Bullied To Death

MaKayla is bullied her whole life. At home, at school, everywhere. As a 17 year old girl, she can't take it anymore. She has no friends, no family, no boyfriend. Then she finally ends it....


6. Standing up to Bullies

Just like a normal day: she woke up, got dressed, ate, brushed her teeth, and headed off to school. Only this time she didn't have to walk- James took her to school. MaKayla put on makeup to cover her bruise. She didn't want to anyone saying anything to her. When she walked into first period and the comments started. 

"Look she's wearing makeup." 

"She looks more like a whore," a girl commented. 

"Shut the hell up! I am not a whore, a slut, bitch, or anything else you low life fuckers call me. I am wearing makeup to cover the bruise from my father who by the way just killed my mother the other night. You don't know me, you have no idea what I've been through. The bruises are from my father. These cuts-" She pulled up her sleeves revealing both of her arms covered in scars, "are because of all of you!"

Everyone got silent. Dead, awkward silence. Before anyone could say anything the teacher walked in, not knowing anything that had happened. No one said anything to her for the rest of the day, which she really enjoyed. But, at lunch she got a nice surprise: her father. When she saw him she tried to run from him. She heard a shot, then she had a sharp pain in her stomach. When she looked down she saw blood oozing from her stomach. 

"Just as stupid as your mother," he said drunkenly and walked away. 

"MaKayla!" James yelled and caught her as she fell.

He picked her up and carried her to his car. Then he rushed her to the hospital, before they got there she blacked out. When he got in her in the hospital the nurses were almost 100% sure they couldn't save her. 

"Lets try giving her more blood," the Dr. said. 

"That's dangerous," the nurse said.

"It's the only way until we can get the bullet out, we have no idea what organs it hit!" The Dr. responded. 

So, they gave her more blood and rushed her into surgery. They removed the bullets from her ovaries, luckily it hasn't hit her lungs or anything. Since he was drunk, his aiming was off and missed her stomach (which he was aiming for). 

"The recovery will be hard for her," the Dr. told James.

"Will she be okay?" He asked.

"For now, yes. But, there is a possibility she could get internal bleeding." 

"What will cause that?" 

"Anything can. She could just be sitting there and begin to bleed internally. Or if something doesn't heal right in the recovery. I'm sorry but there is still a 50% chance she'll die before she wakes up, or before she recovers." The Dr. walked out, and James stayed by her side. 

Her former bullies showed up to the hospital bringing her flowers, and staying by her side to see if she recovered. 

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