Bullied To Death

MaKayla is bullied her whole life. At home, at school, everywhere. As a 17 year old girl, she can't take it anymore. She has no friends, no family, no boyfriend. Then she finally ends it....


3. Saved

"What the hell!" MaKayla said as she woke up. 

Why am I awake? She thought, I am suppose to be DEAD!

She was laying in a bed. Why?! Who helped her? No one was suppose to know she was down there. A guy walked in. He was good looking. Brown hair, green eyes. She had never seen him before. Where did he come from? 

"I'm James," he smiled. "I just moved here." 

"How the hell did you find me?" She yelled. 

"I was just exploring the park. Then I noticed blood that had began to run in the water, so I followed it; and I found you." 

"Why did you save me?" 

"I don't know." 

"Oh," she looked away. 

"I'm sorry," he said. 

"Don't be. It's not your fault. I just-" she stopped. 

"What?" He asked. 

"I'm always bullied. At school, at home. Online. I'm always bullied. I am always being told to die, so I'm going to!" 

"I don't see why anyone would bully you. You're absolutely gorgeous. No stunning. You're beautiful!"

She knew this guy hadn't been to school yet. He didn't see the stuff people did to her. But, she kind of liked him. No, she couldn't fall in love, but he was so darn attractive. She was released that night, so James took her home. He didn't stay, but he told her he'd see her tomorrow. She was so excited she went to bed early, falling asleep at 8 pm. When morning came, she put on a black skirt, a nice pink shirt, and some flats. 

When she got to school people stared, like always. She also heard the comments, but she ignored them. The first three classes she didn't see James, but she saw him at lunch and had him in every class after that. During lunch he didn't sit by her, heck he didn't even look at her. In the class before the last period, the teasing got worse. 

Whore! Slut! Fake! Bitch! Go die!

All of those words were thrown around again. This time a group swarmed her, and they kept telling her to go kill herself. When she looked up, James was the leader of the group. He was laughing and saying it too. MaKayla ran to the bathroom, crying her eyes out. Once again she pulled out her razor and cut her wrists some more. This time until her wrist were covered and she was bleeding bad.  


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