Bullied To Death

MaKayla is bullied her whole life. At home, at school, everywhere. As a 17 year old girl, she can't take it anymore. She has no friends, no family, no boyfriend. Then she finally ends it....


12. Help

When MaKayla woke up, she was in a different room. It was very cold, and it had concrete floors. She had a metal chain attached to her leg. She was chained to the wall. When she looked down she noticed that she didn't have any clothes on. What was going on? She curled up in a ball in the corner of the room, only a couple of inches from where she woke up. No one was in the room with her, she tried to get her ankle lose, but the shackle was to tight. She began to cry.

"You ready to do as I say?" James walked in.

She moved as close to as the wall as she could. "Leave me alone!" She yelled. 

"If you want, but you're not going anywhere."

"Why are you doing this James? You told me you loved me. You stayed by my side when I was shot, and you had my abusive father arrested."

"I never wanted you babe, I just wanted your body." 

"What the hell? What is the meaning of all this?" 

"To keep you alive. MaKayla, you're suicidal. If you kill yourself I can't get what I want." 

"You're a pig!" 

"That's not all baby." He grabbed her by her arms causing her to come up to her feet and slammed her into the wall. 

"James stop! You're hurting me!"

"Thought you liked pain, I mean look at your wrists and legs. You love pain."

"Why didn't you let me die?" She snapped.

"I told you. I wanted your body." 

"James. Stop!" She yelled. He was gripping her wrists extremely hard.

"My name isn't James, it's Keith." 

"You lied?" 

"Of course doll. I am not a senior in high school either. I'm 20." 

"Then what do you want out of me?" 

"Are you crazy? You're one of the hottest girls here, you were so distracted by stuff around you it was easy to get you into the trap." 

He kissed her, she tried to hit him; he caught her arm and slapped her in the face. Then he left leaving her standing there alone. When he left she sat back on the floor and curled up in a ball. Once again, she began to ball her eyes out. 


Dear lord, 

I know haven't done this in a while. But why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong? I am not the strong person I should be. I don't want to leave this world yet, I haven't lived my life yet. Please just help me. Send someone to help me, please. 


She didn't notice she said the last two sentences out loud, Keith was standing across the room from here again. 

"Oh no worries doll, there's no one here to help you."


He smiled and walked back over to her. Once again he picked her up off the ground, this time he had his way with her again. The whole time she cried and yelled for help. He let her yell cause no one would come to help her. When he was done he smiled at her. 

"You're amazing doll. Next time it won't be me. It will be one of the other guys. Oh, and you can cry for help all you want. There is no one here to help you." He left. 


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